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Deko sought to increase its profile as a leading multi-platform BNPL provider for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as position itself as a thought leader for checkout payments solutions.

Operating in a burgeoning sector with regulatory uncertainty, a key part of Sapience’s mission was to position Deko as a reliable and trusted BNPL provider for both clients and consumers.


Through a thought leadership-centric approach, Sapience helped secure commentary on payments technology across a range of sectors, including the jewellery, furniture and automotive markets. 

This commentary included key messaging on Deko’s unique multi-lender, multi-product offering, as well as its seamless onboarding process. This approach was designed to both educate potential clients and showcase Deko’s intimate knowledge of the challenges faced by their target sectors. 

Sapience also supported Deko by crafting press releases to announce new hires, new products, as well as original research and surveys commissioned by the company. 


Deko’s reach was expanded to its target markets through features in key sector media, as well as the wider fintech and payments media. 

The raised profile helped with lead generation and new client acquisition for Deko, as well as its position as a thought leader in the retail and payments technology space. 

Through effective cross-publicity on social media and paid media, Sapience and Deko worked together to achieve the widest reach possible and catalyse lead generation for Deko’s product. 

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