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This full spectrum financial services group and the largest broker on AIM wanted to be become better known amongst its potential clients for the way in which it puts ESG at the heart of its business.


After finnCap’s Head of Research developed their proprietary “ESG Scorecard”, Sapience used this as the basis for of a sustained campaign of media engagement. Beginning by briefing ESG-focused journalists on the Scorecard, news coverage and comment opportunities for finnCap were secured to enable the firm to explain its approach to ESG.

The launch

When finnCap agreed a collaboration with leading fintech WWG to launch a digital sustainability reporting tool for SMEs, Sapience launched a multi-channel mini-campaign – to secure wide ranging coverage and opinion-editorials, alongside a bespoke social media campaign featuring video content and advice for how SMEs can seek more information.


Beginning with an anchor piece of coverage on the launch of the Scorecard, finnCap’s Head of Research became seen as one of the leading experts in this field. In turn, this has helped not only drive further awareness of finnCap’s commitment and aspirations when it comes ESG, but also raised awareness with SMEs of the help that is available via finnCap, which has generated expressions of interest from a wider array of potential clients.

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