PR tools – A comprehensive list

Aug 03rd, 2022 /


Public relations can often be hard to define or confine to a single box or label. From a broad perspective, PR professionals curate narratives to advance the messages of clients and build reputations across a variety of channels.

Salience 29.07.22

Jul 29th, 2022 /


This week we cover scallop fishing, AI fighter jets and Nessie. Plus, tell us your thoughts on how we can reduce air pollution in big cities.

Salience 22.07.22

Jul 22nd, 2022 /


This week we cover mega-sharks, emoji trends and booming beaver populations. Plus, find out more about National Marine Week and black hole discoveries.

Salience 15.07.22

Jul 15th, 2022 /


This week we cover glowing oceans, deforestation and hydrogen-producing yachts. Plus, find out more about what elephants and humans have in common!

Salience 08.07.22

Jul 08th, 2022 /


This week we cover sand batteries, dinosaur fossils and growing plants in the dark. Plus, learn all about writing press releases!

How to write a press release that creates impact: A complete guide

Jul 06th, 2022 /


Press releases are an incredibly important part of PR and marketing, and remain one the most efficient ways of delivering news to the media.