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As a specialist healthcare PR and digital marketing agency, Sapience can help healthcare companies of all shapes and sizes to cut through the noise in an increasingly crowded and competitive space.

Healthcare Public Relations

At Sapience Communications, we know that healthcare communications is a profoundly emotive issue and embed this understanding at the heart of our services to clients. Whether supporting you in stakeholder management, communicating with service users, advising on public affairs or delivering a social media campaign, we communicate in a humane and accessible way. We act as a full-service healthcare public relations agency.

“Sapience has worked strategically with us to develop strong and powerful content that has elevated our profile elevated our profile as a key pharmatech player in the in the Lifesciences and Biopharmaceutical sectors on a scale that has been integral to our fast growth. It is an agency with a great mix of consultants who have been able to deliver for us across the broad range of our communications needs.”

Dr Andrew Rut, Founder and CEO of MyMeds&Me

Why Sapience

Sapience Communications has a breadth of experience clients across the public and private sector, from established healthcare providers and life sciences companies, to healthtech disruptors and startups. All types of healthcare organisations can benefit from effective PR and digital marketing efforts framed within a coherent strategy.

We understand the emotive nature of healthcare public relations and the vital role that reputation management plays in the sector. We understand the need to monitor online conversations, reaction and sentiment, but also to anticipate the development of stories and trends, including the impacts of public policy and political change.

Sapience Communications includes PR specialists with strong relationships across the national, healthcare trade and life sciences press, based on a reputation of delivering some of the strongest thought leadership in the sector for our clients.

Healthcare PR Sector Landscape

Healthcare is never far from the media agenda, such is its importance to all of us at every stage of our lives. Interest in this sector, particularly in healthtech and life sciences, from the media, the public, and investors, has only intensified as a result for the Covid-19 pandemic, the effects of which will continue to be felt long after lockdown restrictions are lifted.

In an increasingly crowded and competitive investment environment, firms should stand out with clear and compelling messaging. Communicating effectively with the full breadth of stakeholders is absolutely crucial.

Some of the best campaigns are those that capitalise on the expertise of healthcare professionals and companies, making this accessible to both lifestyle features writers and highly technical journalists. However, everyone has a vested interest in healthcare, so being able to communicate effectively with stakeholders, investors, regulators and patients across all channels is crucial.

Healthcare PR Services

Our experts are highly skilled in providing a range of healthcare public relations services for firms.

Some of our most typical services include:

Our Approach

We work to clients’ briefs ranging from short-term tactical projects to long-term retainer work. In every case, our approach begins with the development of an overarching public relations and digital marketing strategy, which frames all subsequent work we do to ensure consistency of message and focus.

Our team of experts understand that the job involves far more than simply handling relations with the media. It also involves devising multi-channel campaigns, stakeholder relations, online and social media management, copywriting and crisis management.

The importance of healthcare public relations shouldn’t be underestimated. One media session can make a difference for a startup or healthtech disruptor in an emotionally charged and complex field. As it’s a highly specialist sector, PR plays a vital role in relaying key messaging to both specialist and general audiences.

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FAQ – Healthcare

Why work with Sapience Communications?

Your team at Sapience Communications would consist of public relations and healthcare specialists with extensive experience supporting clients of all sizes across the public and private sectors, who have the track record and industry experience to deliver for you. We also have extensive experience in sectors like ESGFintechtechnology and insurance.

How is pricing determined?

Each healthcare client and each public relations project is unique and the way we approach it is determined by a number of factors. What we normally do is to sit down with our clients to understand their specific needs and then price transparently, based on the amount of time and the number of Sapience team members required to get the job done.

What is the difference between Healthcare PR and Healthcare Marketing?

Healthcare Marketing focuses mainly on simply customer acquisition and direct lead generation tactics, often for specific products and services, whereas public relations in healthcare helps to build and protect your brand reputation across earned and owned media channels.

How does healthcare public relations differ from other sectors?

Healthcare is a high emotive and charged topic. Unlike other sectors, everyone has some interest in health and healthcare services, more so now than ever before. It is also a highly specialist and regulated sector, which means that PR firms with healthcare expertise play an important role in helping journalists to access information and expertise. At the same time, you need to be able to communicate complex information to service users, stakeholders and clients, perhaps more so than in any other sector.

How do you measure the results for healthcare PR campaigns?

We work directly with our clients to establish clear KPIs and goals for our campaigns across earned and owned media channels, ranging from the coverage numbers, reaching target outlets or online impressions and engagement. We sit down with you to understand your exact needs and establish targets that measure success accordingly.

What should a solid public relations strategy for the Healthcare industry take into consideration in the planning phase?

Understanding any potential reputation threats, your target audience and key goals are at the heart of the best healthcare PR campaigns. We work with you to develop these and plan for success.

Do I need a PR firm for online and offline media?

It can definitely help to speak with PR companies who are able to build your brand and positive media presence, as well as helping you realise the potential of your own online and social channels (as Sapience does). The online and offline are intimately linked we can help you to make the most of both.

Should I still use a PR firm if my company already has an in-house communications function?

Hiring an external agency can be a valuable way to enhance your existing PR operation. We can manage media enquiries and maximise outreach to the press, as well as drawing on our extensive sector-wide experience, knowledge and networks, collaborating with your existing team to best build and protect your brand.

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