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The universe available data can provide you with very powerful insights and perspectives into your business and markets.

Data Analytics Strategy

At Sapience Communications, we are versed in innovative data analytics techniques, and our consultants can draw on AI, machine learning, and natural language processing methodologies to give you a data-driven perspective on the questions that most interest you.

Why Sapience

The Sapience Communications team has worked with organisations large and small – from challenger brands and start-ups, to some of the largest and most complex organisations across the public and private sectors – and all of them can benefit from the strategic use of data to inform their PR and digital marketing decisions.

We are a specialist data analytics consultancy, offering data analytics services which help our clients identify the insights of most benefit to their business. We can help you develop a data strategy which works for you, establishing KPIs to measure the success of your data-driven PR and digital marketing. In addition, we can provide consulting services on adjacent specialisms such as market research, customer data and journey analysis, business intelligence, and SEO analysis.

Results-driven team

Our results-driven team has extensive experience of data analytics across financial services, property, technology, hospitality, beauty, education, transport, tourism, health, and construction, to name just a few of the sectors of which we have experience.

About Data Analytics

About data analytics

Data analytics is the use of intelligent software, technical tools, and analysis techniques to achieve business objectives, identify target audiences and reduce costs.

Data analytics can take different forms. These include augmented and consumer analytics, as well as business intelligence and risk analysis. All of these methods help to identify key business decisions that feed into the achievement of company goals, as well as informing the creation of PR and digital marketing campaigns that capture the right audience.

It is vital that data analytics is part of your marcomms strategy from the planning stage, and not used only to measure the results. That said, using data to measure the success of PR and digital marketing efforts is also essential.

Those organisations which choose not to engage in data analytics forgo the opportunity to get an in-depth perspective on their relationship with key stakeholders, current customers and potential future customers.

Why Sapience

As a team of data analytics consultants, Sapience will work with you on a data analytics strategy which will help drive success and provide a competitive edge.

We will help you to identify your niche within the global data economy, and offer support in leveraging insights into competitors, clients and consumer interests. This will help your business to adapt to trends, explore new opportunities and continually improve its processes.

Sapience has successful relationships providing data analytics support to clients across various sectors. These include industry leaders such as M&A advisors Cavendish PLC, investment consulting firm bfinance and built environment developer and investor Kajima Properties.

Sapience will work to develop a data strategy which works for you. Our data analysis services will establish KPIs and metrics to measure campaign success, and provide guidance on many related specialisms.

Common data analytics services

Data can help inform vital decisions in your digital marketing and PR strategy by isolating the information that serves your PR and digital marketing needs.

Our driven team has a wealth of experience in data analytics consulting for organisations across multiple sectors.

Some common data analytics services include:

  • Augmented analytics
  • Business intelligence
  • Communication analytics
  • Customer analytics
  • Data interpretation
  • Data mining
  • Data visualisation
  • Marketing analytics
  • Performance marketing
  • Risk analytics

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Our results-driven team has extensive experience of content marketing and digital marketing across financial services, property, technology, hospitality, beauty, education, transport, tourism, health, and construction, to name just a few of the sectors of which we have.

    FAQ – Data analytics

    Why should you work with Sapience?

    We are a team of data analytics specialists, with extensive experience of prioritising, collating, and modelling key data to help clients raise their profile among key audiences. We have extensive experience providing marcomms, public relations and other expertise & knowledge to UK and international brands.

    How is pricing determined?

    We sit down with our clients to understand their exact needs and price transparently, based on the amount of time and the number of Sapience team members required to get the job done. An exact price tag cannot be used therefore, since all details are determined on case by case basis.

    Why do you need data analytics?

    Data analytics is a valuable tool for any organisation wanting to remain competitive in the digital age. Those who choose not to engage in data analytics run the risk of missing out on insights which could prove crucial to the growth of their business.

    How do you use data in PR and digital marketing?

    Our PR and digital marketing programmes are informed by proprietary analytics and track share of voice across a range of channels, including nationals, regionals, newswire, trade publications, and social media. We use Krzana to track breaking stories ahead of traditional media, drawing directly from Twitter’s data on 288m+ active users per month, and our comprehensive approach to monitoring data allows us to identify areas of opportunity rapidly.

    What is the difference between data analytics and data analysis?

    Data analysis is the use of data to gain insights about company performance. Data analytics is the process of using these insights to achieve company goals, and therefore requires more strategic thinking. Sapience can help you develop a strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

    What is ‘big data’ and how can it help my business?

    Big data refers to extremely large sets of data which can be analysed using intelligent software, in order to reveal patterns and links that would otherwise go unnoticed. Identifying these insights can provide organisations with key information about their products and audience, giving them an edge over the competition.

    Is SEO data part of PR and digital marketing?

    Like data analytics, search engine optimisation (SEO) should be a key part of any PR and digital marketing strategy, and both are increasingly important in the digital age. We work with experts in all the fields of knowledge we’re addressing and you can rest assured that measurement of results is in our blood.

    What is Goodhart’s Law?

    Goodhart’s Law is the idea that a good measure ceases to be good once it becomes a target, and it essentially stresses the importance of establishing the right KPIs for your goals. KPIs should be as specific and closely monitored as possible, both of which we can help with. This applies to metrics in SEOsocial media or any measured digital marketing effort.

    How do you measure success?

    Sapience will work with you to determine your business goals and develop a series of KPIs based on this approach. Sapience can also deliver regular reports that analyse and assess key metrics such as lead generation, social media interactionssearch engine ranking performance and brand mentions.

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