Why Outsourcing To A Specialist PR Agency is beneficial

Published: Feb 04th, 2020

Updated: Jan 19th, 2023

There is no denying that public relations services can be a huge part of business in this day and age, so it isn’t something that your company can just ignore. When you’re working to increase your industry presence, brand recognition or launch a new product or service, PR is one of the most valuable and effective tools you can use.

We live in the age of reputation, so the way a company is perceived is critical to is a business’ performance. For this reason, many companies choose to outsource a PR agency to help them ensure that their company image remains outstanding. If outsourcing public relations is something that you have been considering for a while now then keep reading today, Sapience Communications have put together a list of irresistible benefits to doing so.

PR expertise

Ultimately, one of the main reasons why companies choose to outsource their PR efforts and one of the biggest benefits of doing so is the expertise that they can provide you with. The best public relations agencies are made up of all-rounder professionals with expertise in everything from research and writing to creativity and communications.

PR shouldn’t be seen as a quick add-on to your marketing team’s to-do list, it is a whole tool in itself and requires knowledge and experience to execute correctly. When choosing to work with an established agency you will be collaborating with a professional who will effectively be another member of your team, that just communicates with numerous experts behind the scenes.

Media contacts

There is no denying that a top digital PR agency will have more access to influential members of the media than an in-house team. With experience, good agencies can establish the best routes into various industries and publications across local, national and trade press which can be incredibly helpful. You can trust that when you outsource your PR to an agency you will benefit from their vast range of professional contacts. Their contacts aren’t just a list of names and numbers either, they are relationships that have been developed and nurtured over time to give their clients the most effective reach possible.

Objective perspective

One of the hardest things for an internal PR agency to do is switch off their bias, which is especially hard for your standard marketing team. These people are so used to selling your company to others and, this isn’t always what public relations is about.

The majority of journalists will receive huge amounts of calls every day and they have to be able to quickly filter through to find good stories. Lots of in-house PR teams oversell their products or services and this is one of the quickest ways to get your news story scrapped. With the wrong mindset, an inexperienced team can waste time and effort on a story that falls flat.


Whilst the additional cost of a PR agency may be offputting to lots of companies, especially if they have a tight budget, it is actually incredibly cost-effective. It is hard to put a price on reputation, but companies often try to and this can put then off professional agencies.

Take the simple comparison of employing a PR professional to outsourcing a whole team. At a time where salaries are skyrocketing, it is essential to consider what will get you the most for your money. By outsourcing with an agency, this won’t just give you one new member of staff, you will be gaining a whole team of experienced experts for a fraction of the price.

Choosing to outsource a PR agency

It is undeniable that outsourcing your PR is a big decision for any company to make. You know your company and what you can offer much better than anyone else and the final decision is in your hands. However, upon consideration, it is clear to see that a well-strategised PR plan implemented by a professional can be incredibly beneficial.

If you would like to speak to an experienced PR agency and find out more about how they can assist you then contact us. As a hands-on technology public relations agency, Sapience Communications will happily discuss how they can assist you in more detail and answer any questions that you may have about PR in general.

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