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Public Relations & Digital Marketing Services for the Education Sector

We deliver media relations and digital marketing strategies to help educational institutions, businesses and providers stand out from a crowded field. Schools, colleges, edtechs, and universities each have their particular ethos and messaging to convey, as well as a complex network of stakeholders to engage with. We help them accomplish this.

Raising the Public Profile for the Education Providers

The sector is larger and more crowded than ever before, especially in terms of higher education, and it’s expected to increase its already significant global market value. To remain competitive, public and private education providers, as well as governing institutions and emerging players, must do more than develop a unique voice.

Sapience’s education PR and digital marketing service uses creative and data-driven strategies to raise the profile of our clients and convey their core offering.

Why work with Sapience

Why Sapience

At Sapience, we understand how to build a brand, and how to connect it with the right audience. We have accomplished this through coordinated strategies of media relations, thought leadership, social media content creation, and digital marketing.

Our team features creative storytellers, sector insiders, and seasoned media experts – such as ex-journalists, copywriters, and former education professionals. We can craft a compelling narrative, and can get leading media titles interested in your institution or company’s announcements, sector insights, and senior team. In addition, our social media and digital marketing team can use a number of data-driven tools to raise your profile and deliver leads.

Education sector challenges

Sector Challenges & Opportunities

Education in the twenty-first century is a truly global sector, one which involves a complex network of stakeholders: children and young people; trade unions; parents; local and national government; and the third sector. In addition, with education increasingly being seen as an investment, this sector is now a far more competitive one.

As a result, when it comes to education PR and digital marketing, the challenge is twofold. Educational institutions must distinguish themselves from their competition, while at the same time ensuring that their brand, reputation, and stakeholder relations are protected. At Sapience, our team of experienced professionals craft strategies that meet these twin objectives.

Education comms

Education Industry Communications

A well-crafted education PR and digital strategy can drive enrolment and adoption, help forge partnerships with companies and other organisations, and attract the best faculty and talent.

We have a proven track-record of achieving results on all the fronts that matter. We helped a leading British university overhaul its social media strategy. We set up an edtech’s marketing strategy from scratch, helping it to engage with key target partners. We ran crisis communications for a storied and well-regarded independent school, helping it to maintain stakeholder buy-in amidst difficult circumstances protecting their reputation and fuelling the media with positive stories about their establishment – to name a few.

Results that matter

You’ll be working with an award-winning education communications agency, covering everything from traditional PR activities like media relations and obtaining press coverage, corporate comms & digital marketing such as integrated online campaigns, lead generation, SEO and writing targeted copy.

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Our approach to education PR and digital marketing is founded on a keen appreciation of the complexities of the sector, and each of our clients’ particular needs. Our joined-up approach builds brand awareness, drives lead generation, and, above all, preserves reputation: the most crucial asset in this sector.

Richard Morgan Evans, Sapience Communications CEO

Services & Activities

We have years of experience in providing a range PR and marketing services for organisations in the education sector. Some of our most typical services include:

Holistic Approach to Communications

As a team with extensive experience in delivering education communications for universities, schools, and edtechs, we are happy to work to a wide range of client briefs: from short-term projects to long-term retainer work. The cornerstone of our approach is an overarching comms strategy for each client, which frames all subsequent work we do to ensure clarity of message and focus.

Because of the complex nature of the sector, Sapience’s education PR and digital marketing service entails a full spectrum of communications activities – from stakeholder relations to digital PR and social media campaigns, from media appearances to crisis and issues management. Our strategies ensure that these approaches complement each other, driving brand awareness, enrolment and adoption, and stakeholder buy-in.

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    What areas within the education sector do you provide services for?

    All of them. Our team has built up an impressive portfolio of PR projects and strategies for the education sector as a whole – ranging from primary to secondary and further education, as well as edtech.

    Our business operates in multiple verticals, would this be an issue?

    Not at all. At Sapience we pride ourselves on our versatility, and have provided PR and digital marketing services for clients in sectors such as finance, arts and culture, ESG, charities, and enterprise technology.

    How do you measure the success of a PR campaign within the education sector?

    We open every client relationship with a set of agreed-upon KPIs – ensuring accountability on our end, and value-for-money on yours. More generally speaking, a strong communications campaign in the education sector will combine intangibles like increased brand awareness and sound reputation management with quantifiable successes in areas such as lead generation.

    Do you provide other services that can assist with a more holistic communications strategy for the education sector?

    Yes. We also offer a number of other services including video production, event management, and crisis communications.

    What are some PR challenges facing the education sector?

    The field is a crowded one, and parents and students are increasingly discerning about their educational choices. In this environment, making your voice heard can be a challenge. In addition, educational institutions must engage with a wide variety of stakeholders. This is a complex task with high stakes – not least because one of the primary stakeholders are children and young people.

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