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Charities and public sector organisations have at their heart a purpose and mission that makes them special and this is the approach which Sapience embeds in all its work for charitable and public sector clients.

Public Relations for the Public Sector

Charities and public sector PR and digital marketing strategies therefore have to be sensitive to highly emotive circumstances, proactive in taking stakeholders with them, and compelling enough to cut through an increasingly noisy public discourse – especially on social media PR.

Why Sapience

Sapience Communications has worked with a broad range of charities, not-for-profits and purpose-driven organisations across the public and third sectors. We are passionate about working for organisations committed to making a difference and strive to be a top public sector PR agency.

We understand the emotive nature of charity PR and the vital role that reputation management plays. We also appreciate the need to monitor stakeholder reaction and the broader political context in which many organisations operate, including not only public policy changes but how the actions of peers in the same sector can influence public and media sentiment.

Our specialists embed the ethos of our charitable and public sector clients in all the work we do for them. Our consultancy and consultants also enjoy strong relationships across the national, third sector and public sector trade press.

Charity & Public Sector Landscape

Charities and public sector organisations have at their heart a purpose and mission that makes them special. Their communications requirements are special too. Often, they are operating under constrained budgets, with ever-increasing political and media scrutiny. Their PR and digital marketing strategies therefore have to be sensitive to highly emotive circumstances and compelling enough to cut through an increasingly noisy public discourse.

Public relations expertise is not simply a “nice to have” for charities and the public sector. From proactively helping with advocacy campaigns or fundraising, to responding to attacks on an organisation’s competence which threatens to destabilise operations, effective communications can mean the difference between success and failure.

PR for charitable organisations

Our experts are highly skilled in providing a range public sector PR and digital marketing services for firms operating in these arenas. Some of our most typical services include:

Our Approach

We work to clients’ briefs ranging from short-term tactical projects to long-term retainer work. In every case, our approach begins with the development of an overarching public sector PR and digital marketing strategy, which frames all subsequent work we do to ensure consistency of message and focus.

We consider public relations for charities and public sector organisations to be about more than simply press releases. For Sapience and our clients, it includes a full spectrum of communications and digital marketing activity – from stakeholder relations, to digital and social media campaigns, to crisis and issues management. We work as a full-service public relations agency.

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    Why should you work with Sapience Communications?

    Your assigned team at Sapience Communications would consist of charity and public sector PR specialists with extensive experience supporting clients of all sizes, and who have the track record and sector knowhow to deliver for you.

    How is pricing determined?

    We sit down with our clients to understand their exact needs and price transparently, based on the amount of time and the number of Sapience team members required to get the job done, the type and length of a public relations campaign, as well as other relevant factors and services involved.

    How does charity and public sector PR differ from PR for other sectors?

    Charity and public sector PR is often highly emotive. The views of donors or taxpayers have to be constantly taken into account, and communications should always prioritise explaining how an organisation’s activities relate back to its core mission and purpose.

    How do you measure the results for charity and public sector PR campaigns?

    We work directly with our clients to establish clear KPIs and goals for our campaigns across earned and owned media channels, as well stakeholder engagement. We sit down with you to understand your exact needs and establish targets that measure success accordingly.

    What should a solid public relations strategy for charities take into consideration?

    Understanding any potential political and reputation threats is key, but so is mapping all your stakeholders so that you can not only tailor communications to them, but you can move quickly to engage with them as an when the need suddenly arises (especially in a crisis).

    Other considerations may also be required, depending on the strategy and other factors: budgeting is not something to glance over, the reputation of the key persons involved in a campaign may matter quite a bit, the medium for the message is highly relevant (digital PR is a discipline in itself), as are things like the right timing and sustainability.

    Should a charity or public sector organisation use a PR firm if they already have an in-house communications function?

    Many charities and public sector organisations regularly hire external agencies so as to scale up their communications capabilities for specific campaigns or in times of crisis. A PR firm with deep sector experience can also bring fresh perspectives and share learnings from other organisations which have faced similar communications issues.

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