How PR and comms can benefit charities and public sector organisations

Published: Dec 01st, 2021

Updated: Mar 09th, 2022

Charities and other organisations operating in the public sector may well baulk at the idea of needing “corporate” communications, and it’s certainly true that the mission at the heart of these organisations make both the organisations themselves and their communications requirements very different from private sector companies.

PR and communications still have a place in this arena, however, and there are in fact multiple reasons why having an effective comms strategy is particularly important for organisations working in the “third sector”.

Complex messaging

Organisations working in the third sector often have incredibly impactful stories to tell – so it’s all the more important for them to get their message across successfully. Resonating with your target audiences means not only identifying who that is and how you reach them, but also evolving your messaging constantly in response to changing priorities and circumstances, and ensuring that any change of approach remains true to the core values of your organisation.

Media scrutiny

Public sector organisations are often held to account more closely by the media because of their association with the Government or their stated aim of making positive change. Paradoxically, many people working in this sector will be less comfortable in the limelight than their corporate counterparts, so it’s essential that all senior spokespeople are provided with comprehensive media training to help them to achieve the organisation’s aims in every journalist interaction and interview.

Public affairs

Of course, public sector organisations have to face scrutiny from more than just the media, with stakeholders often including members of local or national Government. Managing relations with all interested parties is essential.

At Sapience, for instance, we support one of our third sector clients in its partnership with a County Council, as well as preparing its expert commentators for briefings with parliamentary committees as well as national and trade media.

Crisis management

As a result of the increased spotlight on public sector organisations, the effect of crises can often feel particularly acute. As with any organisation, then, having a proactive crisis communications strategy in place is vital for responding quickly and decisively when the need arises.

How comms can help

At Sapience, not only are we passionate about supporting our charity and public sector clients to make a positive difference, we also understand what makes these organisations unique and how that affects their communications needs.

Find out more about how we can help with the comms requirements of your charity or public sector organisation or contact us for more information.

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