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Sapience specialises in taking the complex ideas from the flourishing field of renewables PR and cleantech PR and turning them into clear, coherent communications plans.


Renewable & Cleantech PR

Renewable energy PR is a rapidly maturing field, developing in tandem with the technological advances which have seen renewables become the UK’s biggest source of electricity in 2020, outproducing fossil fuels for the first time. Similarly, cleantech promises to be a key growth sector over the coming years and decades, as both public and private sector organisations look to reduce their environmental impact.

Why Sapience

With a dynamic PR team wearing many hats, Sapience Communications has worked with organisations operating in the renewable energy and cleantech sectors for quite a few years, demonstrating positive results. Whether large or small – challenger brands and start-ups, or some of the largest and most complex organisations across the public and private sectors – enhancing their visibility offline and in the digital space through creative communications and marketing campaigns has helped them maintain a positive reception among key audiences.

We are quite excited to be able to work with ambitious organisations in the fast-growing clean energy sector to help establish themselves as agents of positive change. Because we understand the various challenges that most companies are facing in the energy landscape, from technology to legislation and beyond, and because we always establish KPIs to measure the success of our digital marketing and PR efforts, we consistently deliver results that speak for themselves.

Renewables PR Landscape

Renewable energy PR is a strategy designed to enhance the profile of an organisation involved in the production of more environmentally responsible energy. A renewable energy public relations strategy is increasingly important to companies because of the ever-growing competitiveness of the sector. It is vital for businesses to be able to illustrate their commitment to creative positive change through their operations with effective renewables PR. A lukewarm position will rapidly become untenable in the 21st century.

Millennial consumers are beginning to make their presence felt, so clean energy providers and developers will benefit from promoting their credentials to the three-quarters of millennials who judge companies by their environmental impact. While businesses operating in the clean energy sector are generally at the cutting edge of sustainable development, specifically tailored renewables PR and cleantech PR strategies are often underused by the organisations which would most benefit from them. Sapience can help you unlock this potential to enhance your corporate profile.

Renewables PR Services

We specialise in PR campaigns, thought leadership, messaging, and strategic green energy PR, all of which are critical in giving clients a powerful voice. Well-executed public relations campaigns have never been so important and customers expect institutions to take positions on all cleantech issues that relate, even tangentially, to their core business. We offer a suite of services to help organisations navigate the challenges presented by the rapidly increasing expectations surrounding renewable energy & cleantech PR.

We look to work with companies which, like ourselves, look beyond the purely commercial returns of successful clean energy communications, to the positive impact of the initiatives which lie behind them. Organisations which choose not to engage in these activities often find themselves at a disadvantage, as they fail to strike the right notes with the audiences that matter. At Sapience Communications we can help tailor a pitch-perfect cleantech PR strategy which places your credentials at the centre of your brand – where they need to be.

Our Approach

As specialists in our field, Sapience will work with you on a renewables PR or cleantech PR strategy which will help drive success and provide a competitive edge, by enhancing your profile on the issues which matter most to stakeholders. A successful campaign should help clients reach and resonate with their target audiences. Renewables communications may therefore strike a more emotional tone than most corporate communications.

It is worth emphasising that tailoring messaging is crucial in any sustainability PR strategy. While consumers may be well aware of the direct benefits of clean energy, internal and external communications should make clear how incorporating green energy is a positive investment in the long-term health of a business, too. An effective comms strategy should leverage all channels at a company’s disposal to impress upon audiences the positive impact of new sustainability ambitions. We can help ensure that your renewable energy PR plan achieves tangible results.

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    FAQ – Renewable energy and cleantech PR

    Why should you work with Sapience?

    We are a specialist renewable energy PR agency, with extensive experience of constructing successful renewables PR strategies with readily communicable messaging to key audiences.

    How is pricing determined?

    We sit down with our clients to understand their exact needs and price transparently, based on the amount of time and number of Sapience team members required to get the job done.

    Why do you need renewable energy PR?

    Quite simply, organisations operating in the renewable energy sector cannot afford to neglect their renewables PR in the increasingly competitive business environment. Even those with the most advanced technology at their disposal will pay a high price if their cleantech PR does not resonate effectively with stakeholders.

    What is an effective cleantech PR strategy?

    There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cleantech PR, and any assumption to the contrary risks leading to accusations of insincerity or ‘greenwashing’. That said, social media will most likely be an indispensable tool in your arsenal, as its younger, tech-savvier users drive much of the conversation surrounding today’s tech-focused and increasingly environmentally conscious media agenda.

    How do you measure success?

    Sapience will work with you to determine your business goals and develop a series of KPIs based on this approach. Sapience can also deliver regular reports that analyse and assess the impact of your clean energy PR on your corporate profile.

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