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At Sapience, we understand the value of delivering exceptional experiences. We offer a range of services that help clients showcase their offerings, securing for them quality exposure with their core audiences.

Hospitality & Luxury PR

Hospitality and luxury are integral to any modern economy. They are sectors which consumers and media around the world talk about and engage with. But these sectors are more than just handbags and hotel rooms. The reality is that that they comprise a range of sub-sectors and, along with them, specific target audiences. Hospitality and luxury mean different things to different people, and people experience them differently too.  In such areas where audience perception is varied and subjective, communicating effectively is crucial.

We understand the complexities of such businesses, and how to communicate their stories to the public and media to generate excitement and articulate the true value of their brands.

Our Expertise

We are hospitality and luxury marcomms specialists offering a full range of services. We translate products and experiences into exciting content that will interest not only the media but create that all-important connection between the audience and your brand.

We put an emphasis on the need to be nimble, responsive, and completely focused on delivering the right outcomes for our clients. Our achievements and long-standing relationships with companies in the hospitality and luxury sector positions Sapience as one of the UK’s leading public relations firms.

Our team brings deep experience of strategic planning, event management, messaging, advocacy, media counsel and the full suite of content creation from social media posts, blogs, speeches and video to by-lines and press releases. We deliver this content to targeted audiences through paid, earned, shared and owned media channels.

Our Approach

As a PR and digital marketing agency that has decades of experience in delivering hospitality and luxury marcomms across the UK, Europe and wider world, we have the knowledge and experience to support clients either on a short-term project basis for bespoke events and launches, or over several months as part of longer-term retained work.

Especially important in hospitality and luxury PR, we take the time to understand your brand values in order to deliver engaging and exciting content that conveys the essence of your offering. This includes compelling thought leadership and expert commentary on themes in the sector, as well as effective placement in relevant publications, guides and magazines, in order to reach your key audiences.

Our dedicated team of hospitality and luxury marcomms specialists will work with you to develop a strategy that communicates your unique story, building profile and awareness in thoughtful and impactful ways.

Hospitality PR Sector Landscape

The hospitality and luxury sectors are now having to work harder than ever to win new clients and customers, meaning that compelling communications are crucial. And with lifestyles and tastes also constantly changing, there is a greater risk that brands will fail to connect or may even offend if they are not seen to be culturally relevant.

As the sector emerges from a difficult time, brands are vying for recognition and customers alike. The appetite is there, and people are increasingly looking for luxurious experiences in order to recharge and re-energise. Still, standing out and attracting the right audiences can be challenging, rendering a creative PR and Marketing strategy all the more important.

At Sapience Communications we not only understand the need to craft narratives that connect with discerning clientele, but we understand how to do it.


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    FAQ – Hospitality & Luxury

    Why should you work with Sapience?

    • Sapience has extensive experience in PR and digital marketing for the hospitality and luxury sectors. We have worked with the likes of Gucci, the Burlington Arcade, one of London’s most iconic hospitality and luxury shopping arcades, and Jaeger, one of the UK’s heritage retail brands.
    • The agency and its consultants also have considerable experience of working in the leisure and hotel sector, including acting for premium hotels such as The Corinthia and Renaissance Chancery Court in London, as well as international hotel and leisure groups such as South Africa’s Sun International.

    How is pricing determined?

    We sit down with our clients to understand their exact needs and price transparently, based on the amount of time and the number of Sapience team members required to get the job done.

    How does hospitality and luxury PR differ from other sectors?

    Hospitality and luxury PR tends to achieve better results when focused on delivering a variety of consumable content for the media. From new images for picture desks and social media editors to content generation that can tell your brand story. Brands need to convey their essence in visually compelling ways, as well as clearly articulating a backstory which supports the customer experience.

    What should a hospitality and luxury sector marcomms strategy take into consideration in the planning phase?

    Strategic planning generally starts with messaging – what does the company and brand stand for or represent, what is its offering, what is distinctive about it and what sort of proof points does it have to support its message? Into the planning would be built target markets and audiences, along with a clear sense of the objectives of the client. It’s also wise to  undertake a perception audit to get a clear of idea where the company and brand stands in the market, as this will be a useful measure of performance. Important for the PR agency would be clearly defined deliverables, another measure of performance. There would also be a need to meet with the spokespeople and determine what training, if any, is needed. There may be a need to review existing branding also.

    How do you measure the results for hospitality and luxury PR campaigns?

    It’s important to agree ways to measure performance at the outset. Generally, they would include metrics such as the volume of coverage, with a breakdown by relevance, tone and share of voice versus competitors, but also the quality of where coverage appears and who it is seen by, as well as any impact on bookings and sales.

    How long does a hospitality and luxury sector public relations programme normally run?

    A shorter project would typically be about one to three months. But a campaign can easily be multi-year. A retainer programme will typically yield the best results. It comes down to scope, vision, territories covered and budget.

    Can you write and distribute press releases as part of hospitality and luxury sector PR campaigns?

    Absolutely. Press releases remain a very effective way to reach large audiences and get to the top of search engines. Media appetite for press releases varies in different geographies, but they are useful statements for the record, can be a source of blogs and social media trends, and can be readily translated.

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