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Sapience is a leading Tech PR agency offering a suite of services that help technology companies navigate the challenges of growing their business in the UK and elsewhere.

Technology underpins everything

Technology touches peoples’ lives everywhere every day in just about every way imaginable. The tech companies behind it are driven by people with a vision for the future, determination and the drive to bring about change. Yet, operating within markets and societies, it’s not just the product sold that’s important; it’s also the company’s broader contribution, the way it interacts and the way it communicates.

“The Sapience team has played a strong role in helping us establish ourselves as a key regtech player and voice in our sector. Their solid understanding of the issues that matter in the industry and their ability to translate these into powerful messages to enhance our corporate profile has been invaluable to our growth.”

Matt Smith, Founder and CEO of SteelEye

PR is about results

We pride ourselves on being nimble, responsive and utterly focused on delivering the right outcomes for our clients. Our experience extends across multiple sectors within tech. Indeed, our achievements and long-standing relationships with companies across the technology landscape position Sapience as one of the UK’s top b2b technology PR and marketing agencies.

We have carefully selected a team whose skills and insight reflect the challenges our clients face. Our directors include senior business figures with a wealth of experience from across listed companies, financial institutions and entrepreneurial tech firms.

We specialise in public relations and online marketing, including profile-raising, brand awareness, social media communicationsreputation managementSEO and strategic communications, all critical in giving clients a voice within a regulatory framework.

Ethics and governance, data privacy and regulation, product quality and intellectual property, and also trade and geo-politics can be significant areas of risk. Having the right protocols and contingency plans in place, is an important part of being able to manage and mitigate risk. Sapience Communications can help you with that.

B2B & B2C Technology

The tech sector straddles a multitude of sub-industries, including consumer electronics, fintech, software, telecoms, renewableshealthtech, medtech, sustainability, security, aerospace and the arts. The UK technology landscape has a constant fluidity reflecting the sector’s rapid growth, innovation and economic trends. Tech and IT companies therefore need to be highly agile and very attuned to their user needs. In doing so, they need to stay focused on how best to reach their audiences, which can be through public relations.

The pace of change is such that technology now often leads regulation, however, lower regulatory processes can cause slow adoption, delay international standards and stifle the development of new markets. Careful regulation that protects customers, investors, IP and market integrity creates a framework for healthy growth. A case in point is how uniform global standards and increased interoperability have caused a boom for smartphones and mobile devices.

We have extensive experience of B2B tech PR and digital marketing, but our expertise goes well beyond enterprise technology. A quick chat would give us a good idea of your niche, sector or technology alignment and your target audience.

Tech PR Services

Our experts are highly skilled in providing a range of tech PR and digital marketing services for firms.

Some of our most typical services include:

Our Approach

We work with clients both on short-term tactical projects lasting a few months, to long-term retainer work. Either way, our approach is always to start with the overarching, bespoke strategy. We frame the strategy to ensure consistency of message and focus, and to build awareness among target audiences to create familiarity that leads to acceptance.

Clear messaging and good communications have never been so important in enterprise tech PR, and the Sapience team brings deep experience of strategic planning, event management, crisis and issues management, messaging, advocacy, media counsel and the full suite of content creation from tweets, blogs, speeches and video, to by-lines, press releases, white papers and full-blown public relations campaigns. We deliver this content to targeted audiences through paid, earned, shared and owned media channels.

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    FAQ – Technology

    Why should you work with Sapience?

    Sapience is a technology public relations firm with deep knowledge and experience that extends across sectors. The longevity of our client relationships says a lot about our ability to deliver high quality work on a consistent basis.

    How is pricing determined?

    We sit down with our clients to understand their exact needs and price transparently, based on the amount of time and the number of Sapience team members required to get the job done.

    What’s the difference between B2B tech PR and enterprise technology PR?

    B2B and enterprise technology is essentially the thing: technology desired for and sold to other businesses, rather than to end consumers. Examples of it would be back-office software, infrastructure behind cloud technology, data storage and so forth. It’s fairly nuanced, but B2B might be considered vernacular of the digitalised world of the past decade (spawning derivatives such as B2C, B2B2C, M2M, O2O etc.), with enterprise being an older term. Some businesses are both retail and enterprise, or B2C and B2B. For example, some telecom carriers are both retail and enterprise in their home country, but only enterprise overseas. The approach to PR for both B2B and enterprise technology is much the same, with differences more in relation to the nature of the work and area of business.

    How does tech PR differ from other sectors?

    The principles of PR are similar across industries, but for each industry there’s a need for experience, know-how, stakeholder knowledge and media connections. As a rule, the deeper a PR consultant’s understanding and experience, the better the counsel they can provide to their clients. Of course, experience and skills can straddle different verticals, and can be helpful for generating fresh ideas, but direct sector experience remains very important.

    How do you measure the results for technology PR campaigns?

    It’s important to agree ways to measure performance at the outset. Generally, they would include metrics such as the volume of coverage, with a breakdown by relevance, tone and share of voice versus competitors, but also the quality of where coverage appears and who it is seen by.

    How long does a tech PR campaign normally run for?

    A shorter project would typically last about three months. But a campaign can easily be a multi-year endeavour, depending a suite of factors, including scope, vision, territories covered and budget. Whilst technology in itself is not something new, tech public relations has evolved over the last 20 years into a self-contained, complex discipline that works heavily with martech (marketing technologies) to learn about and influence user buying habits, the internet and serious data analysis. When we’re speaking about B2B tech PR we actually reffer to a variety of specialisms within public relations and marketing.

    And, as with the fintech sector, technology communications is very much an on-going affair.

    What should a technology public relations strategy take into consideration in the planning phase?

    • It’s important to know where the company stands at the start, so some form of audit to gauge stakeholder perceptions and maybe media perceptions would be helpful.
    • A review and critique of the messaging along with introductions to the key spokespeople are important too. Meeting the spokespeople helps to understand their strengths, weaknesses, areas of interest, and topics they are prepared to talk about. Such meetings invariably seed media interview or by-line ideas.
    • A timeline for activities, events and other actions.
    • The size of the budget. The budget allocated to the PR agency will ultimately determine how much work can be done.

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