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Generating visibility for crypto products and blockchain applications through cutting-edge PR and marketing campaigns that go beyond digital.

Crypto & Blockchain Public Relations

No longer on the fringes of the fintech sector, crypto and blockchain-based innovations now frequently command the attention of both investors and the media. We can help businesses that specialise in these areas to navigate this broad media and marketing landscape, ensuring that they achieve their company goals.

Why Sapience

Our team has worked with a range of organisations – from established businesses entering the blockchain arena for the first time, to startups disrupting traditional markets with “tokenisation” – and all of them have benefitted from effective crypto marketing strategies that are tailored to their target audiences and ambitions.

We have carefully selected a team with the insight to understand our clients, their needs, and the challenges they face. Our knowledge is derived from genuine industry experience, with our consultants coming from backgrounds in financial services, financial media, and tech startups.

We possess the expertise required to navigate the vast and varied crypto sector, which is all too often treated as homogenous with the headline-grabbing performance of bitcoin. Away from the instability and hype, informed investors remain drawn to crypto and blockchain projects that genuinely hold the potential to improve investing, trade, and other areas of life. We can help you cut through the noise to reach this audience.

Our Approach

As a specialist crypto marketing agency, we work to clients’ briefs ranging from short-term tactical projects to long-term retainer work. In every case, our approach begins with the development of an overarching strategy that frames all subsequent work we do, ensuring consistency of message.

Our experts are highly skilled in providing a suite crypto marketing services, which most typically includes:

  • Ensuring clients’ messaging resonates within latest regulatory frameworks
  • Developing relationships with key media to secure favourable client coverage
  • Establishing company spokespeople as thought leaders within their sector
  • Capitalising on industry trends to leverage expert comment opportunities
  • Extending clients’ social media influence and engagement
  • Anticipating, mitigating, and managing potential reputational risks

The Crypto PR Landscape

Crypto and blockchain have hardly left the media spotlight in the last twelve months – and that goes for the national media as well as fintech-focused trade titles. The value of the global crypto market was $2.3trn as of December 2021, after hike of $1.5trn in that year alone. In 2022 and beyond, expect to see hype give way to long-term viability as investors get a better idea of where there is genuine value-addition potential.

Indeed, there is more to the rise of blockchain than bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology has been used to create a market for NFTs that has seen even “old-fashioned” auction houses make hundreds of millions through the sale of digital artwork. And this is just on area in which blockchain has the proven to be transformative.

With crypto and blockchain innovators striving to enter unfamiliar markets from art to asset-based finance, clear communication with audiences has never been so important. That is why we provide a broad spectrum of sector-specific services tailored to the needs of individual clients.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Why should you work with Sapience?

    We are a team of crypto marketing specialists with deeps roots in the tech sector, with extensive experience of tailoring company messaging to target audiences and the latest sector talking-points.

    How is pricing determined?

    As every project, company and circumstances are unique, we approach this by first understanding the needs of every client; we then budget transparently, based on the amount of time and number of Sapience team members required to get the job done successfully.

    Why do crypto companies need PR?

    Blockchain technology has never received so much mainstream media attention, and this extra exposure presents both challenges and opportunities. Our public relations expertise can help you overcome the former while making the most of the latter, cutting through the noise to reach stakeholders with strong messaging.

    What is the biggest PR challenge crypto companies face?

    Aside from having to resonate with a glut of new, relatively inexperienced audiences, a key challenge that crypto marketing campaigns must account for is the ever-changing regulatory landscape. A sound understanding, as well as an up-to-date awareness, of the latest developments is imperative, so specialising in crypto and blockchain marketing gives us an edge over our peers.

    How long does a communications or leading generation programme run for?

    This depends on your specific needs and company goals, which we will discuss with you in detail before any communications strategy is drawn up. In general, shorter projects typically run for three to six months, but multi-year campaigns are equally viable. We work hard to maintain momentum throughout each project, regardless of duration.

    Should crypto PR and marketing activity take place continuously?

    In today’s market, an ongoing programme will likely be the most effective, in terms of both value for money and tangible results. The best blockchain PR agencies remain plugged-in to the latest developments across your company and target market, while constantly monitoring the media landscape for opportunities to secure favourable coverage.

    Are crypto PR and marketing campaigns entirely online?

    Online elements of blockchain PR campaigns are obviously extremely important, but there remains a place for more traditional activities such as media relations and, covid permitting, in-person events management. We craft our strategies from a full suite of services to find a solution which suits your needs.

    How do you measure success?

    Sapience will work with you to determine your business goals and develop a series of KPIs based on this approach. Sapience can also deliver regular reports that analyse and assess the impact of a specialist marketing strategy on your company’s public profile, with an emphasis on your content marketing tactics and quality.

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