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Your business is relying on a reputation that places you above your competitors. The Sapience Communications team are also experts in preserving and boosting your business’s reputation.

Reputation Management Strategy

Managing reputation comes in many forms, be it navigating hostile media enquiries, anticipating and minimising negative stakeholder sentiment, or ensuring organisations get the recognition they deserve for their values and achievements. The common thread that runs through all of this is that reputation has never been more important as an asset to be nurtured and protected.

Why Sapience

Sapience Communications is well versed in managing the reputations of organisations large and small, across the public, voluntary and charitable sectors, and in a variety of industries. This often involves us providing counsel to the most senior leaders in an organisation.

We are adept at identifying for each client where their vulnerabilities lie in the context of their particular sector and as measured against their peers and competitors.

Harnessing the power of analytics and sustained campaigns, we can project a client’s messages whilst maintaining a unified tone to match the brand credentials that the organisation or individual wishes to convey, be that in a B2B or B2C context.

Control your brand’s narrative

Ensuring that you have a positive brand reputation in the eyes of your audience is crucial, but it can be easy to lose. Being proactive at building and sustaining a good reputation for your business, can provide you with the control you need over the narrative surrounding it.

Online and offline reputation management

Building political and social capital

Businesses, public entities and high profile individuals are under ever increasing scrutiny from more activist stakeholders. It is vital to communicate not just what you do, but the ways in which it is virtuous.

This can mean ensuring that the leaders of an organisation are visible in the forums, conferences and media that are attract their most important stakeholders. Moreover, it means engaging in effective thought leadership, proactively demonstrating your purpose. And it also means ensuring that if any accusations or criticisms are made, they are dealt with professionally and sensitively.

But beyond that, an effective reputation management agency also requires that stakeholder relations are cultivated over time. It means building political and social capital and, ultimately, trust through one’s actions as well as through one’s communications.

Work across multiple industries

Any effective reputation management strategy begins with understanding how an organisation wishes to be perceived, but also with understanding how they are currently perceived by key audiences.

As a reputation management agency, Sapience takes such an insight-led approach. We always tie actions back to an overarching goal that is also aligned to your corporate purpose and values. We will work with you to perform a thorough audit of your activity and identify where they you are exposed to reputational risk or are underutilising reputational assets.

We have a wealth of experience as a reputation management agency across multiple sectors, with successful relationships with Kajima Corporation, FRP Advisory and Suez Environment.

We will work in tandem with you to deliver tangible results that maintain and enhance your reputation – from social media management to positioning you for expert comment in the most relevant media and industry forums.

Full-service approach to reputation

As with crisis management, Sapience offers a full-service approach to managing a client’s reputation. Often this means adapting new strategies on a quarterly basis in line with a client’s own growth, whilst ensuring measurement against clearly agreed KPIs.

Reputation management services include:

  • Conducting vulnerability audits
  • Devising thought leadership programmes
  • Crafting new corporate narratives
  • Securing positive profile coverage in influential media
  • Acting as your own extended press office
  • Presentation and media training
  • Providing senior media counsel 24/7
  • Creating content and assets for social media channels
  • Ensuring digital brand visibility through SEO expertise
  • Employing Digital PR to address specific issues online

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Our talented team has extensive experience of reputation management across financial services, property, technology, hospitality, health, and construction, to name just a few.


    How important is corporate reputation?

    Good reputation has often been a prerequisite for doing business with any organisation. Now, a bad reputation can lead to rapid decisions to end relationships overnight.

    Why should you work with Sapience?

    We are reputation management specialists, experienced in delivering success for clients in the most challenging of circumstances. We do not quit until we get the job done.

    How much would a reputation management campaign cost?

    We price our services transparently based upon our clients’ needs and an honest assessment of the amount of time and number of Sapience team members required.

    What’s the difference between reputation management and crisis management?

    These are overlapping disciplines. Whereas crisis management will inevitably concern an often unforeseen, large-scale adverse event affecting an organisation, reputation management often focuses on the longer term building and protection of the perception and brand of an organisation through constant cultivating of a positive image.

    Who needs reputation management?

    Any organisation or individual who cares about how they are perceived by the decision-makers who will impact their licence to operate.

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