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Sapience is a London-based PR firm that offers integrated communications services for fashion, apparel and lifestyle brands, crafting bespoke PR and digital marketing strategies to produce meaningful and measurable results.

Why Sapience?

With in-house videography, design, content writing, social media, SEO capabilities, and more, Sapience has all aspects of the digital PR & marketing spectrum covered – meaning you can trust us with planning, delivery and management of your campaigns for your fashion brand.

Sapience’s well-connected specialists can help forge partnerships and enhance your brand’s awareness and success by leveraging its well-honed skills, media connections and knowledge, as well as the unbound talent within the agency.

Branding and communications services

Sapience services
Sustainable, but impactful approach

Sustainable, but impactful approach

We recognize the critical significance of sustainability in the fashion industry. Leveraging our extensive media network, established connections with key fashion industry publications, and proficiency in securing brand placements within trade-oriented fashion editorial press, we offer tailored strategies to enhance your business’s visibility and branding.

We also know that influencers can play a pivotal role in the fashion PR campaigns. We are able to facilitate fruitful relationships between these and ambitious fashion brands to create impactful strategies that effectively reach and resonate with diverse audiences.

B2B trade PR expertise

B2B trade PR expertise

At Sapience Comms, our suite of trade PR and marketing solutions spans the spectrum. From pinpointing prospective UK retailers for fashion labels and orchestrating buzzworthy marketing initiatives, to crafting tailored messages centered on products and trends for fashion purchasers, we offer comprehensive assistance at both local and global trade expos.

Additionally, we devise consumer-oriented promotions at regional and national levels to drive sales for our clientele, complemented by our media procurement expertise covering print, digital, and out-of-home advertising mediums.

Consistent messaging

Consistency of message and focus

A clear communications strategy is needed for apparel brands, especially with the increased focus on environmental, social, and governance issues. To instil consumer confidence in your brand, Sapience’s experts are highly skilled in providing a range of digital PR and marketing services.

From short-term tactical projects to long-term retainer work, our approach begins with the development of an overarching PR and marketing strategy to frame all subsequent work we do, ensuring consistency of message and focus.

Working with a leading fashion PR agency

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Cut through the noise

Cut through the noise

With the volume of brands in the fashion industry, it takes a unique, clear and well-thought-out strategy to cut through the noise. Leveraging our multi-sector expertise and excellent media connections, Sapience is an award-winning PR firm that can help brands deliver such bespoke campaigns that boost your label’s profile.

Anticipating, mitigating and managing potential reputational risks

  • Media relations and media training
  • Reputation management
  • Brand messaging and positioning
  • Crisis communications and Data Analytics
Headshot of Mr. Richard Morgan Evans, Sapience Communications CEO

Our approach to PR within the fashion sector is creative, bespoke, and founded on long-standing relationships with key industry media contacts. We have extensive experience in building brand profiles within the UK and wider global media markets, leading to an increased reputation for a range of brands spanning the spectrum of fashion. Enhancing brand reputations is the crux of PR, and businesses can expect to see increased customer engagement, more brand resilience, and sales growth – amongst many other things – as results.

Richard Morgan Evans, Sapience Communications CEO

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    How exactly can PR help a fashion brand achieve its goals?

    • Increasing media presence for a brand within trade, national, and regional media, as well as within other sectors aligned with the fashion industry, leads to increased brand awareness.
    • Enhancing the reputation of a brand’s CEO or leadership team, establishing them as trusted spokespeople within their industry.
    • Expanding to new audiences through targeted campaigns utilising media channels that appeal to the desired demographic.

    How do you measure the success of a fashion PR campaign?

    Like with all PR campaigns, the success of any activity cannot be measured in a ‘cut and dry’ manner – the best way to measure success is by setting clear objectives at the beginning of a campaign, and judging the influence the work has had against these markers. Extensive client consultation before work is undertaken will allow us to establish your goals and what success looks like for you, so that we can tailor our strategy to suit your specific needs.

    Do you provide other services that can assist with a more holistic communications strategy for the fashion sector?

    Absolutely. Whether it’s events, influencer work, creative ideation, digital content creation or partnerships, our offering spans the spectrum of PR. We’re specialists in corporate communications, but the wide-ranging experience of our practitioners means we can pivot to offer you support in almost any arena of PR.

    What are some PR challenges that the fashion sector faces?

    • With the emergence of eCommerce developing a unique and effective PR strategy that cuts through the increasingly crowded market is more important than ever.
    • The fashion industry is fast paced so to keep up with and get ahead of ever-changing trends, it takes a flexible approach to communications that leverages these for the client through diligent media monitoring.
    • Ethical production practices, inclusion and sustainability are considerations of high importance to consumers in recent years and brands that fail to prioritise these have been hit with a loss of sales, online backlash and in some cases even boycotts. While Sapience can help brands navigate media relations to mitigate reputational damage, our team are also experts in anticipating and avoiding such reputational risks.
    • There is a diverse range of fashion brands on the market, each with its own unique set of PR challenges. With Sapience, we’ll conduct a PR strategy that addresses the specific needs of your brand.

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