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Sapience’s strong track record and longstanding relationships with media across both tech and financial services have helped to position us now as one of London’s leading digital marketing and PR agencies for fintech firms.

Fintech PR

Fintech has grown rapidly into a sector in its own right, having developed out of the convergence of tech and financial services – two areas in which the UK and London, in particular, have a rich tradition.

Michael Carter CEO – BizEquity

“Sapience has been a tremendous partner on our journey. They have helped us build and extend our brand around the world as a leader in the FinTech space.”

Michael Carter CEO – BizEquity

Why Sapience

As a specialist fintech communications agency, our team comprises consultants with backgrounds in banking and financial services, as well as financial media and tech start-ups. Our consultancy and consultants’ client experience ranges from blockchain innovators, financial regtech disruptors, flexible payment platforms, and US-based online business valuation providers.

We have a wealth of experience in planning and executing PR and digital marketing campaigns which resonate with both UK and international audiences. While our success is partly borne of actual experience developing robust relationships with key national and trade media, we also ensure we are well-versed in the latest regulation of financial technology. We specialise in cutting through the noise in this increasingly crowded market, which is only possible with a firm handle on the media agenda and an understanding of target audiences.

Fintech Landscape

The UK leads Europe and is second only to the US globally in terms of capital investment in fintech. Figures for 2020 recently released by Innovate Finance attribute just under 10% of total fintech investment worldwide to the UK. Moreover, the UK’s contribution accounted for almost half of Europe’s total – and more than Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands combined.

Increasingly, investment and media attention is turning towards new technologies such as bitcoin, and more specifically green cryptocurrency, as efforts to enhance the environmental credentials of this tech gather pace. With its function of facilitating digital transactions, this emerging tech sector has applicability far beyond digital coins alone and green crypto firms in particular need to make themselves heard in a rapidly maturing sector.

Fintech PR Services

Sapience will work with you on a strategy to help drive success and provide a competitive edge, by enhancing your profile within the sectors which matter most to stakeholders. Some of our most typical services include:

Our Approach

At Sapience, we tailor our approach to suit the specific needs of each client – but, broadly speaking, we seek to elevate the profile of fintech firms among target audiences, establishing their spokespeople as authoritative commentators and thought leaders in their areas of specialism. This involves leveraging our clients for coverage in a variety of online, print, and broadcast media.

We can work with clients on specific fixed-terms campaigns or provide long-term consultancy services. Either way, our activity combines execution of a carefully planned PR strategy with additional proactive media outreach and reactive support which helps clients to seize every opportunity and mitigate potential risk. We do all this with an acute awareness of our clients’ positioning, branding, and objectives.

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    Why should you work with Sapience?

    Sapience has fintech experience across the spectrum and with all sizes of business, and in the UK we have deep expertise working with small and medium-sized fintech companies. The longevity of our client relationships says a lot about our ability to deliver high quality work on a consistent basis.

    How is pricing determined?

    We sit down with our clients to understand their exact needs and price transparently, based on the amount of time and the number of Sapience team members required to get the job done.

    How large is the fintech industry?

    It’s hard to put a figure on the actual size of the market, given it’s fairly loosely defined and there a growing number of sectors within it. But there are estimates that value it at around US$200 billion annually at present and growing about 25% a year. Leading global fintech hubs include London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Melbourne, San Francisco and New York.

    How does Fintech PR differ from other sectors?

    The principles of PR are similar across industries, but for each industry there’s a need for experience, know-how, stakeholder knowledge and media connections. As a rule, the deeper a PR consultant’s understanding and experience, the better the counsel they can provide to their clients. Of course, experience and skills can straddle different verticals, and can be helpful for generating fresh ideas, but direct sector experience remains very important.

    What are some common PR challenges for the Fintech industry?

    • Senior executive buy-in is very important – without it, achieving the right outcomes becomes far more difficult. In the fintech industry, SME executives and founders are quite often too busy growing the business to put time into PR and communications. This is not unique to fintech, but as fintech tends to be a younger industry, it is quite prevalent.
    • A lack of strategy can present challenges. Our approach is to have a strategy and then align tactics to it. Without being underpinned by a strategy, tactics can become ad hoc, disjointed and therefore less effective in the longer term.
    • We quite often see a blurring between marketing and PR, which is understandable, but can get in the way of effective communication with the media.
    • Sometimes the role of PR is misunderstood. Clarity on expectations and deliverables from the outset is important. This goes beyond pure results. It needs to include time invested and time worked on the project.

    Can you write and distribute press releases as part of Fintech PR campaigns?

    Press releases may be considered old-fashioned, but they remain a very effective way to reach large audiences and get to the top of search engines. Media appetite for press releases varies in different geographies, but they are useful statements for the record, can be a source of blogs, tweets and WeChat posts, and they can also be readily translated.

    Are Fintech PR campaigns entirely online?

    While online channels are clearly very important, a good PR campaign would take a more holistic approach to include speaking events, exhibitions, face-to-face interviews, television etc. Depending on the nature of the campaign, there may be a need for advertising or sponsorship, a media tour or a press conference also.

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