Insurance / Reinsurance PR & Digital Marketing

As a specialist financial PR and digital marketing agency, Sapience can help insurance companies of all shapes and sizes to cut through the noise in an increasingly crowded and competitive space.

Insurance and reinsurance services

While insurance and reinsurance providers may sometimes be considered to operate within the arena of financial services, we understand that such companies often have very specific PR and digital marketing needs, which cannot be successfully satisfied with a broad-brush approach.

Why Sapience

Our team has worked with organisations large and small – from new entrants into the sector to well-established brokers, underwriters and financial service providers – and all of them have benefitted from effective insurance PR strategies which are tailored to their target audiences and ambitions.

We have carefully selected a team whose insight facilitates an intimate understanding of our clients, their needs, and the challenges they face. Our institutional knowledge is derived from genuine industry experience, as our directors include senior business figures with a successful track record working with listed companies and a range of financial institutions.

Our industry experience is broad and deep. However, we possess particular expertise in the arenas of commercial and speciality insurance PR, both of which have been significantly impacted by Covid-19. Business interruption insurance has driven much of the increased major claims activity, while firms dealing in especially high-risk lines have been exceptionally busy during the pandemic. Sapience is here to help you navigate this landscape.

Insurance and Reinsurance PR Sector Landscape

London is home to the largest global centre for commercial and speciality insurance risks, with gross premium income for the London company market reaching approximately £28bn in 2019. Since then, political and economic uncertainty partly, but not entirely, caused by Covid-19 has impacted the sector significantly, increasing major claims activity and reducing premium income.

Meanwhile, hardening rates have driven up reinsurance activity, while traditional reinsurance products face increasing competition from alternative capital. In this busy business environment, excellent communications are essential for differentiating your company and remaining competitive. Sapience specialises in helping firms do just that.

Clear messaging and communication have never been so important, which is why we provide a broad spectrum of sector-specific services tailored to the needs of individual clients. In particular, we are committed to tracking regulatory changes consistently, ensuring that our counsel remains as current as possible.

Insurance PR Services

Some of our most typical services include:

  • Ensuring clients’ messaging resonates within latest regulatory frameworks
  • Developing relationships with key media to secure favourable client coverage
  • Establishing company spokespeople as thought leaders within their sector
  • Capitalising on industry trends to leverage expert comment opportunities
  • Extending clients’ social media influence and engagement
  • Anticipating, mitigating, and managing potential reputational risks

Our Approach

As a team of insurance communications specialists, we work to clients’ briefs ranging from short-term tactical projects to long-term retainer work. In every case, our approach begins with the development of an overarching PR and digital marketing strategy, which frames all subsequent work we do to ensure consistency of message and focus.

We consider public relations and digital marketing to be about more than simply press releases. For Sapience and our clients, it includes a full spectrum of communications activities – from stakeholder relations, to digital and social media campaigns, to crisis and issues management.

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    FAQ – Insurance & Reinsurance

    Why should you work with Sapience?

    We are a team of insurance and reinsurance communications specialists, with extensive experience of tailoring internal and external company messaging to target audiences as well as the latest sector trends.

    How is pricing determined?

    We sit down with our clients to understand their exact needs and budget transparently, based on the amount of time and number of Sapience team members required to get the job done.

    Why do insurers need PR and digital marketing?

    Quite simply, insurers cannot afford to neglect the competitive edge that effective communication could provide – and our PR and digital marketing expertise can help you unlock this. In an ever-changing market, it is more important than ever to cut through the noise and reach stakeholders with strong messaging.

    What is the biggest PR/digital marketing challenge insurers face?

    Companies operating in different lines will face different challenges, but regulation is always a major factor to consider. A sound understanding of the latest regulatory developments is imperative, particularly if firms run the risk of incurring fines for high-level breaches. Our industry expertise means we are always up-to-date on new regulation.

    How long does a communications or leading generation programme run for?

    This depends on your specific needs and company goals, which we will discuss with you in detail before any communications strategy is drawn up. In general, shorter projects typically run for three to six months, but multi-year campaigns are equally viable. We work hard to maintain momentum throughout each project, regardless of duration.

    Should PR and digital marketing activity take place continuously?

    In today’s market, an ongoing programme will likely be the most effective, in terms of both value for money and tangible results. An effective communications team would remain plugged-in to the latest developments across your company and sector, while constantly monitoring the media landscape for opportunities to secure favourable coverage.

    Are PR and digital marketing campaigns entirely online?

    Online elements of communications campaigns are increasingly important in every sector, particularly in the wake of Covid-19. That said, there remains a place for more traditional activities such as media relations and, hopefully in time, in-person events management. We craft our strategies from a full suite of services to find a solution which suits your needs.

    How do you measure success?

    Sapience will work with you to determine your business goals and develop a series of KPIs based on this approach. Sapience can also deliver regular reports that analyse and assess the impact of a communications strategy on your corporate profile.

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