How data analytics can support your PR strategy

Published: Jan 19th, 2022

Updated: Mar 30th, 2022

With the pandemic leaving businesses facing increasing uncertainty, utilising data analytic services enable you to remain abreast of demands.

With the pandemic leaving businesses facing increasing uncertainty, utilising data analytic services as part of a PR strategy can enable businesses to remain abreast of shifting demands. The use of data analytics can ensure that businesses are achieving objectives and reaching the right audiences with their PR strategies.  

Reaching the right audience

Utilising data analytics can enable companies to ensure they are reaching their audiences with the right messages. The pandemic has vastly altered the business landscape with estimates suggesting it has accelerated digitalisation by seven years. In addition, consumer demands have shifted and more than 3 in 4 executives recently surveyed predict changed customer behaviour to remain after the pandemic. As a result of this shifting landscape, it is essential that businesses remain aware of what messages they should be putting out and which audiences they should be reaching. Data analytics can offer companies these answers and allow them to adapt to new trends and opportunities.

Data analytics can take many forms including consumer analytics, business intelligence and risk analysis. These different methods can inform the creating of a PR strategy which reached the right audience. A data led PR approach will help a company identify its niche within an increasingly crowded business market. In the tech sector alone, a new business was launched every 30 minutes last year. With industries becoming more and more crowded, ensuring your company identifies and leverages its USP is the key to a successful PR strategy.

Measuring success

In addition to making use of data analytics in the planning stages of a PR strategy, it can also be a useful tool for identifying the success of a marcomms strategy. A recent survey across a range of businesses found that 45% of senior management did not believe that PR delivered good value. With many often finding the tangible benefits of a marcomms strategy not particularly self-evident, data analytics can use intelligent software and analysis techniques to identify key performance indicators and tangibly measure the success of a PR strategy. Utilising data analytics both in the planning and evaluation stages of a PR strategy will enable businesses to have leverage insights and constantly improve their processes.

At Sapience, our experienced team can help you work on a data analytics strategy and guide you towards achieving a competitive edge. Sapience has experience providing data analytics support to clients across a range of sectors from investment consulting firms to built environment developers.

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