London takes world FinTech crown

Published: Oct 25th, 2019

Updated: Mar 09th, 2022

The Sapience team attended the very relevant and insightful CSFI FinTech for breakfast event hosted by Dentons. The session revolved around developments in technology-driven financial services and the recent news that London has taken the FinTech crown in terms of investment deals from New York and San Francisco.

The event featured several high calibre panellists including journalists, financial services and fintech. Issues debated were vast (and we clearly didn’t have as much time as most of us would have liked) and included topics ranging from Libra, to Goldman Sachs latest ETF product and blockchain.

The feasibility of Facebook’s Libra was discussed at length, with members of the audience arguing it was just marketing from Facebook, that its postponement meant it would never actually launch and other even looking into why it was going to be registered in Switzerland. At this point, a guest had to intervene and highlight that it was because of Switzerland’s pro-business, welcoming and innovative nature. The crowd in general remained sceptical around the Libra launch.

ETF’s were also a point on the agenda. However, the conversation quickly moved on, leading to a much more in-depth analysis of active versus passive investments.

However, all conversations revolved around London´s importance in the FinTech sphere and what more could be done to now, keep the throne.

Sapience Communications is delighted to sponsor CSFI’s fintech breakfasts and we look forward to attending the next session.

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