In a time of turbulence, such as that we are now all living through, businesses are naturally tempted to accelerate and prioritise external communications – reminding customers, prospects and partners that they are still open for business and ready to support. It’s an approach our own business is taking and businesses are right to do so.

But the rapidly changing requirements and pressures on companies during this pandemic make communicating internally a critical priority for business survival – one that can be overlooked in the best of times, let alone those of crisis and uncertainty.

Businesses are unwise to neglect this — now more than ever.

In the coming months, companies large and small will face challenges — dwindling sales, loss of clients, resource crunches and pressure on income. Any or all of the above.

During this period, the trust, perseverance and commitment of your staff will be vital to survival. But this can only be achieved through clear, consistent and credible communication.

Internal communications is so often not seen as a priority. But as we all face the coming months of uncertainty, it’s a priority many are realising they cannot continue to overlook. This is an area in which we specialise, so if you need support, Sapience Communications is here to help. Please get in touch at: