Sapience attends Roxhill webinar: Andy Silvester, City AM

Published: Jun 10th, 2021

Updated: Jan 25th, 2023

Last Tuesday, we tuned in to Roxhill’s latest webinar to hear the thoughts of Andy Silvester, Acting Editor at City AM. With the City of London beginning to repopulate its offices as restrictions ease, we were eager to learn more about the publication’s post-pandemic plans and the challenges it expects to face. In addition, we wanted to hear the view of the financial freesheet on the City’s prospects as a financial centre in the wake of both Brexit and Covid-19.

Needless to say, an hour in the company of Andy Silvester did not disappoint. It was interesting to hear Andy speak about how City AM was relatively unprepared to shift wholly online when the pandemic hit, yet he remained confident about City AM’s growth online. It was even more encouraging to hear that he’s so confident about the future of the physical paper after Covid and Brexit.

Sapience would like to express our thanks to Roxhill for hosting another hugely interesting webinar, and of course to Andy for providing an insight into the view from the City as we hopefully emerge from lockdown for the last time.

As a London-based communications consultancy, we’re acutely aware of the constant need to survey the landscape in the City. At Sapience, we do this so our clients don’t have to, enabling them to get on with what they do best while we ensure that any media outreach activity undertaken on their behalf remains as relevant as possible, keeping fully abreast of the latest developments in financial technologies and regulation.

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