CSFI Russian Capital Markets: A round-table discussion

Published: Feb 15th, 2018

Great panel session on Russian Capital Markets last Thursday 1 February. The CSFI panel included Russia experts in the financial and media world to discuss how Russia’s capital markets are responding during a period of global economic and political uncertainty.

The panel included the author and journalist Liam Halligan, who has written for the Telegraph, Economist and FT; and Viktor Szabó, one of Aberdeen Standard’s senior investment managers.

The panel presented an opportunity to discuss how Russia can respond to the sanctions regime imposed on it by the US and other western governments and how investors can capitalise on Russia’s economic opportunities. So whilst not exactly fintech PR, we were in our element there and the debate was as interesting as it could get.

Sapience Communications sponsors CSFI events and was very happy to support such a lively and informed debate.

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