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Published: Jun 13th, 2023

This month, we meet some new team members and learn just why digital marketing is so important. We also discover the new meaning of rock music! 


This month, we meet some new team members and learn just why digital marketing is so important. We also discover the new meaning of rock music!

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 A message from Richard

April has been a richly rewarding month, yielding new clients, new team members, and new opportunities.

From expanding our digital marketing team to attending awards ceremonies, we’ve had a wonderful time working on establishing our brand.

We have so much more exciting news to get to – so without further ado, read on, and check out our social channels to find out what we’ve been up to!

Richard Morgan Evans 

Co-Founder and CEO 


Client updates


Impact investor Clota Varde is supporting biotech firm Neuro-Bio. The company has made a breakthrough in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s, with founder Susan Greenfield discussing the social impact of biotech investments in Impact Investor.

The Alzheimer’s cure



Sapience client bfinance provided a comment in Asian Investor on the recent bank failures. In light of this, Managing Director Trevor Castledine discussed the risks and rewards of real estate debt for institutional investors in Asia, with banks pulling out of real estate debt.

Property Power




The Sapience team is excited to introduce its latest members, Sanjana Chawla and Travis Pilling! Sanjana joins us as a Digital Marketing Executive, and Travis as a Junior Account Executive.



Services spotlight 

Digital marketing is key to a successful PR campaign. It encompasses social media, SEO, and lead generation, and we’re continuing to expand our digital marketing services!

Digital marketing



The people behind PR 

My name is Vin and I’m an Account Executive at Sapience, working across hospitality, property, and finance.

Starting my PR career in New York, I worked on large-scale comms events, such as New York Fashion Week and Coterie. I came to the UK to complete a Masters in Advertising and Public Relations, and since moving I’ve embraced the London life!

If I were a Tube line, I’d be the Central Line. Old and reliable, love me or hate me, I’m the heart and soul of things.

Meet the team


Sapience’s favourite

Once upon a time, Shakin’ Stevens was the beating heart of rock music. Now, thanks to technology developed at Anglia Ruskin University, there’s a new sort of “shaking” in the music world. At a cutting-edge concern last Tuesday, the seismic activity at Yellowstone National Park was performed live – on the flute!

Rock on!

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