What you need to know about financial services PR and marketing

Published: Nov 17th, 2021

Updated: Mar 09th, 2022

The financial services industry is fast-paced and ever-changing, and it is important that public relations activity is reactive enough to keep up with the sector. Moreover, the content that is produced through financial PR needs to be accurate and insightful to meet the needs of a wide audience of potential investors.

The team at Sapience Communications has a wealth of experience (no pun intended!) in optimising communications for a range of financial services clients, including private equity managers and investment research consultants.

So, what are the specific aspects of public relations and marketing that are crucial to get right for financial services, and what does the industry audience want to hear?

Tailor your content

Financial services is an incredibly broad industry, so it is important that any PR recognises and emphasises the specific expertise of a company. Any insights should come from a spokesperson with a demonstrable depth of knowledge and experience in the sector, and should be tailored around the support that is provided by the business.

For example, an experienced investment strategist for a research consultancy would be well-placed to comment on macroeconomic breaking news, whilst an analyst working within a specific sector might offer an opinion on the financial results of a company reporting that morning. At Sapience, we support our client Edison Group in both of these activities.

Capitalise on a range of news

The news agenda in the financial industry is jam-packed and varied. Whether it be annual results, IPOs, inflation reports or policy decisions from central banks, there is always material for great PR.

Thought leadership and expert commentary can be built from all of these events, giving companies the chance to amplify their profile as sector leaders. Importantly, it can help businesses to get their brand in front of a range of audiences.

The audience for financial services PR is made up of many categories. Communications can be tailored to appeal to private or institutional investors, advisers, industry professionals and many more. Capitalising on different forms of news with a range of content is key to making sure that your PR is as impactful and wide-reaching as possible.

Enhancing your reputation

PR is all about building brand trust. For financial services, this comes from being able to show that your company is made up of qualified experts who have their fingers on the pulse, but also have data-driven opinions on the future of the industry.

Providing daily reactions to key stock movements shows that a company is engaged with the current state of the market, whilst thought leadership pieces enable a business to showcase its long-term outlook for broader topics and relevant themes. A combination of both will elevate financial PR, spotlighting the wide-ranging expertise of a brand within its specific industry.

At Sapience we have elevated the profile of financial service companies including Edison Group, bfinance, finnCap and Maven Capital Partners. You can see our full list of financial clients here. If you need help amplifying the expertise of your company, why not get in touch?

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