What makes the most effective PR campaigns?

Published: Sep 29th, 2021

Updated: Jan 08th, 2024

What is a PR campaign? Sustained media relations are an important part of building a cohesive brand image and robust reputation. But if you have a specific product to launch, important advocacy issue to address or are looking for creative initiatives that raise your profile with target audiences, then a sharp, headline-grabbing campaign can deliver significant results.

In this blog, we share some of our favourite campaigns launched over the past few years and how these ticked all the boxes to achieve impactful coverage.

Health and Social Care: Love Your Vote – Sapience for Dimensions

Ahead of the Local Elections this year, Sapience worked with Dimensions, the UK’s largest non-profit provider of support for adults with a learning disability and/or autism, to raise awareness of voting rights for people with a learning disability.

This multi-channel campaign combined social media content with public affairs initiatives and top-tier earned media coverage including the national, local government and care sector press.

This included an opinion piece secured in the Independent, where Dimensions Advocacy Lead, Dr Mark Brookes MBE, spoke about his experience of voting. The pieces was followed by interview on Times Radio, where Dr Brookes spoke about Dimensions’ survey into election participation and voting with a learning disability, and thought leadership articles authored by Dimensions spokespeople across local government and social care titles.

Powerful social media case studies were shared in tandem with media activity, helping to raise the profile of Dimensions and the Love Your Vote campaign with key audiences – from politicians to local authorities and the people Dimensions supports.

Technology: Quarter Life Crisis – LinkedIn

Have you had a quarter-life crisis?

According to research commissioned by LinkedIn to make the launch of its Careers Advice platform, the average person experiences a quarter-life crisis at the age of just 26 years and nine months. The report also found that almost three-quarters (72%) of young professionals in the UK have experienced a quarter-life crisis, leading them to reassess their career path and life choices.

The campaign centred around when people might want to go for advice from those older and wiser within their networks, helping to build their careers, take the next step and address any challenges they were currently experiencing. It was a powerful call to action for people to use the platform.

Consumer Finance: The Hotel of Mum and Dad – MoneySupermarket

Welcome to the Hotel of Mum and Dad. But how much will a stay cost you?

An innovative multi-media campaign, MoneySupermarket produced an online calculator providing an insight into just how much it costs parents when their children return home, and how much children can save by doing so.

A fun twist on an age-old phrase, it gained coverage across the press.

Professional services: Intuit Quickbooks

Combining awareness-raising initiatives with product promotion in a competitive market, Quickbooks’ standout campaign was all about doing your tax return. Through owned research, Quickbooks found out that four out of five business owners feared doing their taxes more than jumping out of a plane – a striking statistic that laid the groundwork for the creative initiative.

The campaign unfolded across media, owned and social media channels. Its central asset was video footage of someone submitting their tax return in the back of a taxi driven by a stunt driver. Creatively, the campaign took a dry topic and injected talkability, delivering strong commercial outcomes for the company.

If you’re looking to kick-start a communications campaign that grabs attention, Sapience can help you every step of the way – from creative ideas and marcomms strategy, to execution and reporting. Find out more here.

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