What Is The Role Of Social Media In Technology PR?

Published: Sep 02nd, 2019

Updated: Mar 09th, 2022

Establishing a level of trust

Building a level of trust between you and your consumers is essential in today’s competitive market. The trust that social media produces is validated by the fact that it permits the connection to be carried out in a two-way process. In order for organisations to build a positive relationship with customers, they must nurture relationships. By using social media, large and small businesses can communicate with a selected tuned in, interested community.

Improves reputation

As much as reputation and trust go hand-in-hand, they are two separate entities to take into consideration. Reputation management is essential, and using social media is an excellent way to stay on top of what’s being said about your technology brand. For example, LinkedIn is now the number one social media platform for B2B, where individuals can share their company’s message through their LinkedIn profiles and position their brand as a leader in that industry.

Promoting your story

No matter what industry your business activates in, every organisation has its own personal story – including technology companies. By integrating social media into your marketing efforts, this can help you promote your story on social media. This will allow potential customers and prospects to see case studies, testimonials, the latest technologies and more – which could result in greater visibility across the market.

Social media allows you to get your message out to your target audience faster, creating content to share information immediately. You can introduce yourself and your business, reinforcing your areas of expertise so that you receive positive PR and build equity over time – proving your knowledge and growing your audience.


Social media offers a cost-effective approach for technology companies, allowing them to dramatically increase both visibility and brand awareness. The insight you gain can provide your organisation with a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not – which goes a long way in helping your public image. However, it can take up a lot of your valuable time to carry out efficiently.

By working with a specialist tech PR agency, they can provide you with an exceptional experience – as we can field a team that will provide the best advice and execution. Our communications expertise is grounded in our core values and singular service ethos, always aiming to deliver the best possible results for our clients benchmarked against agreed objectives and KPIs.

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