What is the best thing about working in PR?

Published: May 25th, 2022

Updated: Mar 12th, 2024

Working in PR remains a popular choice amongst people today and provides a unique glimpse into life in the media industry.

Working in PR remains a popular choice amongst people today, perfect for those who love writing, meeting people, and the unique opportunity to get a glimpse into life in the media industry. There are many reasons someone might choose to work in a PR agency, be it a passion for social media, wanting a job that offers new challenges, or perhaps being attracted by the glamorous life PR professionals are often depicted as having. While the latter is not always true, public relations involves a lot of building relationships with important people, while simultaneously strategizing, pitching, drafting, and more. For those unfamiliar with PR, it is so much more than advertising – it requires you to master the art of communication. 

No day is the same 

The age-old stereotype of the PR industry is a fast-paced environment exists for a reason. While presentations, press releases, and meetings are all part of the daily job, every day brings fresh breaking news and trends to react to. With a good range of clients across multiple sectors, a day in the life of a PR person is never monotonous. There are so many industries and tasks to get your teeth into.  

Learning new things

To work with clients, you have to become an expert in their field. Having such a variety of clients means that you will become an expert across areas you may not even have known existed. An underrated aspect of working in PR is becoming a diligent researcher. By reading up on a subject and staying up to date on it, you become better placed to write about it and discuss it with clients, journalists, and your peers. 

Healthcaretech, and the latest trends happening in the world of crypto aren’t the only things you learn while working in PR. Skills such as influencing people, prioritising tasks, producing tactical content for social media, finding new ways to generate business leads for clients, addressing reputational risks or developing crisis management plans, and thinking creatively are all part and parcel of PR life, and there is no better role to develop these skills in. 

Making a difference

Working in PR can be seen as an exercise in problem solving. Clients don’t simply hire PR teams unless they can benefit them, and while the task may be as simple as getting them more exposure, it’s still a problem that needs to be solved. Getting the messaging right and on the right digital channels is a crucial part of PR, and sometimes what clients what and what they need can be two different things. By working together with clients in workshops, you and your client gain a better understanding of each other and help to align your goals, as laid out in the Barcelona Principles

Often, when working closely with clients, you find yourself having a personal stake in these matters, genuinely believing in your client’s mission, whether it is for ethical reasons or you’re convinced in their product. Much like sharing your favourite film or song with the world, you have the opportunity to make a difference and promote your client, and when it pays off, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your client make a positive difference in their sector. 

Meeting new people

Of course, an article about PR isn’t complete without mentioning socialising. In a job focusing on communications, expect to be always communicating with someone: clients; journalists; most of all, your trusty team. The opportunities for networking are endless, and with conferences and events returning to happening in person, there is the added bonus of being able to travel. After all, PR is about relations, and there’s nothing more important than being able to build bonds with the people you meet. 

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