The Importance Of SEO For Your Tech Business

Published: Nov 27th, 2019

Updated: Mar 09th, 2022

Advertising your business and getting your name known has always been important no matter what industry you work in. These days, we are sure that you have noticed the majority of marketing happens online and It is essential to have an online presence. One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated is this regard is search engine optimisation (SEO).

When you’re launching a tech startup, employing SEO techniques can be a make-it-or-break-it move. To put it simply, your online presence and visibility can be dependant on the use of SEO. Ultimately, if you want to reach your target audience and grow your customer base then it is crucial to create a successful SEO strategy. If you are questioning SEO and its benefits then keep reading today, Sapience Communications have put together a list of the importance of SEO.

Search engines are major gateways

To put it incredibly simply, search engines are the primary gateway to success. When searching for a product or a service it comes as no surprise that in this digital age the majority of people will use the internet to find what they are looking for.

If you aren’t being found when a product or service is being searched for then you will be missing out to your competitors. To make the most of this major gateway, you need to include some of the most recent SEO tactics (for example, comprehensive SEO audits) to reap the benefits. Getting your websites, products or services found is the first step.

Build brand trust and authority

It is so common for people to search for something on the internet and chose to use the websites that come up first because they believe that they are the best in the industry. Organic ranking is so important for brand trust and authority.

With businesses that are ranking organically thanks to SEO, consumers know that they haven’t just paid to be there like the businesses in the ad spots above them. Because they have worked hard to be there people will automatically assume that you are more likely to provide the solution that they are searching for.

Keep track of your competitors

There is no doubt that your competitors will be using SEO and of course you will want to outperform them. By understanding SEO and what relevant keywords your competitors are focusing on you will be able to use it to increase your outreach.

Basically, your content strategy should be created in a manner that will enable you to incorporate ideas that revolve around these keywords. Then you stand a chance of being up there with your competitors when a consumer searches for these keywords.

Link with social

Social media is so important for businesses in this day and age. As a nation, we spend far too much time on social media and if this is where your consumers are then it is where you should be too. Maintaining active and engaging social media channels is something that should work alongside a good SEO strategy.

Promote your content across your social media channels, one of the essential indicators that search engines take into consideration when determining whether your content is good and popular is the fact that it’s liked and shared on social networks. So, get your social involved too, if you have good social then it never hurts to link to this from your website as well.

Return on investment

People that don’t understand SEO may just see it as an additional cost, but when completed correctly it can be a real investment that you can pretty much guarantee a return on. This method of business promotion does take some time to build and manage, but the more you invest, the better it will work for your business.

The more time and money you put into SEO, the greater the level of traffic you will receive and then the better your conversion rate will be. As we said, getting people to your website is the first step, you can then reap the benefits from your better exposure.

How Sapience Communications can help

It if this all sounds quite confusing to you, yet you are aware of the importance of SEO and are seeking assistance with your SEO then Sapience Communications can help you, just get in touch. We are a technology public relations agency that provides a wide range of services, including website development, social media and SEO.

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