A simple guide to an integrated marketing campaign

Published: Sep 01st, 2021

Updated: Nov 28th, 2023

An integrated marketing campaign is a campaign across multiple channels such as social media, email or online ads to push a consistent message to an audience. All aspects work together to convert viewers into customers.

It’s often the case that one marketing avenue alone can be difficult to persuade an audience to convert themselves to a lead, therefore, it’s a case of more voices are better than one.

A marketing campaign made up of multiple channels understands that the audience needs to firstly understand your brand before making the decision to begin a relationship with you.

The key to an integrated marketing campaign

The key element of a successful integrated marketing campaign is consistency. As the idea of this strategy is to engage with your audience via various platforms, consistent imagery and messaging are crucial to ensuring that your audience understands that all of the various targeting methods are from the same brand.

The platforms you choose to use must also be embraced by your target audience to make sure that you’re able to grab their attention on as many platforms as possible.

How to create a successful integrated marketing campaign

As there are many elements to an integrated marketing campaign, it’s important to have a set plan of how all of the components will work – both separately and collaboratively.

  1. Decide who you want the campaign to target and define what channels they are most likely to interact with you on.
  2. Define what you will consider a successful campaign. Will it be website visits? Sales? Engagement?
  3. Understand the journey that your audience will take from each marketing platform.
  4. Create the copy and imagery, ensuring that it is eye-catching to your audience and consistent with your brand and other marketing methods.
  5. Once the campaigns have started, continually monitor its success to ensure that everything is working together consistently
  6. After the campaigns have been completed, assess all aspects of the campaign for their success

For modern audiences, integrated marketing campaigns are an effective way to strengthen the voice of your brand and to get your target audience to notice. It allows your audiences to see what you can offer them no matter what platform they are on.

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