SEO trends for 2024

Published: Dec 14th, 2021

Updated: Jan 18th, 2024

When it comes to marketing your business and driving valuable traffic to your website, you know that SEO plays an important part in your overall business strategy.

As we prepare for a new year, you may be thinking about whether you are doing the right things to ensure your website is ranking as well as it can on Google.

SEO trends change from year to year with algorithms constantly evolving due to innovations, therefore we have put together the SEO trends we’re predicting will be important to consider in 2024.

Voice search

A couple of years ago, our friendships with Siri and Alexa were a large reason why voice search was always popping up on “SEO trends to watch” lists. In 2024, expect voice search to amplify once again.

How will voice search affect our SEO? When you search for something with your voice, you say it in a conversational tone which may be different to the way you would type it into Google. With this in mind, ensure to adapt any FAQs you have featured on your website for potential visitors using that tone via a voice search.

Page speed

Page speed has always been a part of SEO best practices and continues to be.

Google understands that users want a website to load ASAP when they’re surfing, therefore, it considers how long it takes for visitors to start engaging with your content.

During your quarterly SEO audits consider how long it takes for users to start accessing the information they need – the longer this is, the less Google could be favouring your website over another speedier one.

Ethical link building

Link building is a common aspect of SEO, however, it has unfortunately received a bad reputation in some circles. This is mostly due to some of the techniques that are designed to intentionally manipulate the system.

This has sadly resulted in distrust and the spreading of misinformation about link building. In response to this, it seems that ethical link building will emerge from the shadows in 2024.

Ethical link building is considered more wholesome than previous methods and Google will likely think so too. There are creative ways to do it:

  • Consistently strong content – If people want to read it, websites will want to link to it
  • Social media – Linking to your content allows a new audience to discover your content
  • Create valuable stats – Website will link to striking stats as references within their website content
  • Review other websites – Creating testimonials for another website can bring opportunities for backlinks
  • Create useful guides – Long-form content that is a complete guide on a topic and people will start linking to it

Optimised video content

It’s been known for a while that Google favours video content and it shouldn’t be a stranger to your website.

Video content allows you to engage your target audience and extend your reach online. The way to optimise your video content is to use your keywords throughout its upload – the title, description, hashtags and within the video itself.

There are considerably many other ways in which to benefit your SEO in 2023. Google is constantly evolving and growing its algorithm and it’s a case of keeping up with the times. It can be a lot more complex than simply adding more keywords to your website content, it requires research and a strategy.

If you’d like to receive some advice on how to tackle your website’s SEO and you’re looking for an agency to do just that, visit our SEO services or contact us.

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