PR for the music industry – What does it involve?

Published: May 18th, 2022

Updated: Jan 04th, 2024

As the UK emerges from the worst of the COVID pandemic, artists and organisations will look to capitalise on the return of live performance.

As the UK emerges from the worst of the COVID pandemic, many music artists and organisations will look to capitalise on the long-awaited return of live performance and touring.  

The music industry has been hit particularly hard by the restrictions of the past two years, and with streaming revenues often not providing sufficient income, live concerts are a key part of the industry’s livelihood.  

Yet, with musicians having to write music, organise concerts, travel, and perform on the night, the time and resources needed to gain media exposure and effective publicity are often lacking. This is where an experienced PR agency comes in to ensure that audiences can connect with their favourite artists, as well as discover new and exciting musicians.  

Engaging the audience 

Like all performing arts, music relies on a direct and unfiltered connection with the public. While there are rare cases of artists going viral on YouTube and other platforms, an effective comms strategy is key to identifying the right audiences and bringing them closer to artists and music organisations.  

Traditional and digital media are an important tool to sell tickets, garner potentially career-transforming reviews, and bring your music to the widest possible listenership. A music PR agency will help you to fill concert halls and publicise new music releases, maximising your success in a sustainable way 

What goes into music PR? 

There are a number of ways PR can help your career, whether you are a solo artist, part of an orchestra, or a music venue. Powerful press releases announcing your new album or tour schedule can ensure wide coverage by relevant publications and online outlets, while engaging interviews with the media can help elevate your authentic voice and provide a personal connection with your audience. 

Effective media training is an excellent way to prepare for radio and video interviews to ensure that your message is transmitted in a natural and positive manner. Being prepared for all eventualities and possible talking points can lend you the authority and presence needed to stand out.  

More generally, a company specialising in PR and digital marketing can help you with fresh and exciting ideas to create a successful identity as a performer. Whether you are working solo or as a group, you have a unique story which needs to be transmitted successfully and engagingly to your listeners. 

How to choose the right PR company

In order to work with the right agency that suits your requirements, you need to be clear about what you want. If you are a small artist newly starting out on a career in music, you will want to target digital outlets and local media which can give you the needed exposure to reach the next level. If you are a successful artist or organisation looking to cement your reputation, you will aim for consistent coverage in established outlets.  

Either way, a suitable PR company will listen to your priorities and help you achieve them. This only works if the agency is passionate about you and your music and knows you better than anyone else. This relationship is paramount in order to fulfil your ambitions. 

At Sapience, we pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and the media, and our experience in the arts means we can help you find success in an empathetic and personal way. If you’d like to work with a PR company specialising in music and the performing artsget in touch. 

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