How To Improve Your Social Media Presence As A Business

Published: Nov 01st, 2019

Updated: Mar 09th, 2022

Using social media is an excellent way to increase your website traffic, and is an incredibly important aspect of running a business in today’s modern age. Large and small businesses alike completely understand how social media is here to stay, but many have not set aside the time and money to establish an online strategy or presence. So, how can you overcome that barrier and improve the overall social media of your organisation?

Identify your audience

Being active on social media has a number of benefits for businesses, but of course, it is essential that you establish exactly who you are going to be targetting beforehand. You want to be communicating with a selected and interested community, so you need to compile data on your current customers, developing a solid picture of who is interacting with you already.

A company who understands their audience well will be able to speak directly to their target market, meeting each of their wants and needs. Knowing exactly who you are targetting will determine the type of content you should be sharing and the way you need to engage your followers, as well as meeting the demands among all demographics and audiences.

Choose the right networks

In today’s modern age, social media is constantly adapting and evolving, so there are now thousands of different networks for you to choose from. Each one has specific demographics, so it is important for you, as a business, to choose the right platforms to target, without wasting your precious time and resources.

For example, as a technology business, you may be looking to build relationships with both B2B and B2C businesses. Therefore, based on this, LinkedIn would be the best platform to create trust, build authority, and engage audiences. Facebook would also be a good option, as it is ideal for companies who are looking generate leads and build relationships with a variety of audiences. By breaking down each platform and establishing the right ones to target, you can use your time effectively and engage the right consumers.

Set a goal

Every tech organisation has its own specific goals when using social media, whether this is engaging customers, generating leads, expanding their audience, driving sales, increasing web traffic, gaining valuable insights etc – so it is important to decide on this goal from the offset. By establishing exactly what it is that you want to achieve, you will have the ability to come up with the plan to get there.

If your technology business is looking to improve customer service, this social media approach is going to be very different compared to driving sales. Your goal will allow you to utilise any usable content you already have, establish what kind of content you still need to create or curate and how exactly you are going to do this. The unique advantage of social media compared to other marketing channels is that it enables you to communicate directly to consumers and followers, so take advantage of this, and build relationships over time – helping to meet your own end goal.

Why not work with a specialist tech PR agency?

The secret to effective social media use is dedicating time to it, engaging with your customers in a more personal fashion, maintaining and building relationships. However, many businesses do not have the time, attempting to put their social presence on autopilot and walk away. Therefore, many organisations opt to work with a specialist team – such as Sapience Communications.

We are an established PR agency in London with strong relationships across all media channels – online, print, and social. To find out some more information regarding our social media services, or PR in general, get in touch.

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