How to create an effective property PR campaign

Published: Nov 10th, 2021

Updated: Mar 09th, 2022

The property sector is integral to the UK, but property can cover an awful lot of sub-sectors and categories. The industry can encompass anything from commercial to residential, regulation to property management and everything else in between. As a result, the sector can often feel like a crowded market where it is important to stand out with a clear message. Having the right public relations campaign can help a property company truly make its mark.

Reaching the right audiences

Most people tend to care about property, hardly surprising given the role it plays in our lives, but it is important to be reaching the right audiences for your company’s specific message. A targeted PR campaign is crucial in order to get your message to the right places. For example, a property company with an ESG focus would want to ensure that its message was reaching the 25% of UK investors that are looking to make ESG investments by 2025. Targeting publications and online media that these investors tend to use would be an essential aspect of any campaign.

Developing relationships with the right media is also an integral part of any property PR campaign. Building good relations between property clients and the media is a focus of any property comms strategy at Sapience. This is because property is a sector where issues can often arise unexpectedly and having these good relationships with the media can mitigate any risk that might arise.

What should a property PR campaign focus on?

A huge draw for any property company is often the visual side of their work. As such, a good PR campaign must take advantage of this and ensure that excellent photography and videography is utilised to draw audiences in. This translates particularly well to social media which is an essential aspect of any campaign. With 77.9% of the UK population using social media, it has also become a vital tool for any company to connect with their target audiences. At Sapience we offer clients the full suite of content creation including social media content.

Another key element of any property PR campaign is providing a clear message which can be established through thought leadership. There is a real appetite for insightful property information and the sector has seen an extremely newsworthy year with house prices rising at the fastest rate since 2004. It is essential to establish your company as an authoritative voice amongst this news with thought leadership and content generation. This also helps to put a face to the business by amplifying the profile of a spokesperson and building familiarity amongst the target audiences.

At Sapience, we help our property clients navigate the crowded property sector with a clear PR strategy. Our full suite of content creation allows us to raise our clients’ profiles and establish them as leading voices in the industry. With the proliferation of different sub-sectors within the property industry, it is essential to have a strong communication strategy to emerge as a clear voice amongst all the noise.

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