Elevating your PR through a variety of voices

Published: Jun 23rd, 2021

Updated: Jan 04th, 2024

At Sapience, we know that successful communications campaigns are done by using strong, consistent messaging that reflects the core values of a business. So, it may seem counterintuitive to suggest that using a variety of voices can be key to elevating communications – why use several spokespeople when you can use just one?

However, using different voices that have a shared purpose can really strengthen a brand. More importantly, using multiple voices can help to give your communications an engaging human element, and when appropriate, a personal touch can make your PR strategies much more meaningful.

So, what will a variety of voices mean for your business?

Unity of purpose

Any company wants to make sure that their team works with a set of common goals and a shared ethos. It’s important to make sure that clients – new and old – can see this unity. If different voices can be heard in your media relations, it shows that your employees are valued as individuals, each of whom can add insights that strengthen your core business expertise. Whether you work in finance, property or technology, offering a range of strong voices means that you offer a range of strong services.

Reach out

Whether it’s done by a specialist communications agency or in-house, good PR can make sure that your voice is heard by your key target audiences, whether it be through bylines in influential trade publications, podcast interviews with sector influencers, or expert commentary in national outlets.

With a variety of spokespeople, you maximise your chances of reaching a wider spread of media and, as a result, a much larger audience. This will help to build the profile of your business and enhance a sense of trust in your company-wide expertise, whilst crucially optimising the potential for new leads.

Speak for yourself

Most importantly, good PR relies upon finding appropriate spokespeople and making sure that their own voices can be heard in conversations that matter to them. For example, Dimensions UK are committed to empowering those that they support. By putting forward their Experts by Experience to speak on topics like voting rights and primary healthcare alongside members of their executive team, they place real value on the voices of those who are able to offer meaningful insight that may otherwise be overlooked.

As a result, the powerful experiences of people like Dr Mark Brookes can be shared far and wide.

Mixing it up

Having a variety of voices in your business communications can ensure that your company expertise is heard loud and clear, and can highlight the valuable experiences of those with personal insight. Integrating this opportunity into your PR strategy can be key to enhancing your profile and making the most of your team.

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