Book Launch – ‘Executive Function: Cognitive Fitness for Business.’

Our client, successful medtech entrepreneur Keiron Sparrowhawk, joined leading thinkers in the area of cognition for a panel discussion and the launch of his latest book: ‘Executive Function: Cognitive Fitness for Business.’

The event, held at Orange Box in Clerkenwell, was attended by Julie Meyer (founder at EntrepreneurCountry Global) and Markus Ruetimann (‎Former Group Chief Operating Officer at Schroders plc), other business leaders and academics including Professor John Harrison, CSci, CPsychol (Cognition expert) and Kellie Vincent (MBA Director, Westminster Business School).

The book examines whether leading CEOs take enough care of their own cognitive capital, including 50 tips for business leaders to train their brains. Counter intuitive tips include, delegating less to avoid eroding your executive function and more palatably, cutting the length of your meetings down by 10% and once achieved keep cutting. Furthermore, if you have ever listened sceptically to your CEO say he has a gut feeling about a decision, Keiron advises you to think again – “with over 100million brain cells in our gut, the saying isn’t as irrational as it might sound”, he says.

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