Sapience Communications Develop Proprietary Research and Analytics Software

Digital media is integral to communications strategies.  At Sapience Communications we believe that in order to create meaningful communications campaigns, you need to align stakeholder insights with technology and creativity. Sapience Communications provides strategic advice on how digital and social media should be utilised as part of any communications strategy.

In order to best serve our clients digital needs, MR is developing its own in-house proprietary research and analytics service.  This service named ‘MR Analytics’ will employ a range of digital listening technologies to inform all aspects of media strategy and programme planning to identify a client’s key influencers and monitor, in real time, issues and language that are seen to drive sentiment online.


It is through this careful analysis and review process that we can then identify and recommend, in particular, which online platforms, forums, blogs and other social media channels, to adopt for a PR programme, as well as for our traditional national, specialist, business, media outlets,  in order to deepen engagement and increase impact.

MR analytics is a proprietary tool used to measure a company’s digital profile. This analysis will be combined with our extensive advisory experience in corporate and financial reputation in order to provide a complete portrait of an organisations reputation and allow us to make holistic recommendations of how to further improve it.