Scale up companies and PR: 4 key tips to securing valuable media coverage

Published: Oct 02nd, 2020

Updated: Jan 19th, 2023

In a world full of bad news, here’s a reminder of some good news: the UK has a thriving scale up scene. This is not least because the country also possesses deep pools of both talent and capital, as well as a supportive regulatory and tax environment to encourage investors to invest and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

And this isn’t limited to only a few niche sectors. From well-established professions and industries such as finance and property, through to the myriad of different new tech sub-sectors, the UK scale up scene is in good health. But whatever the sector, maintaining and increasing that growth is what’s paramount. And how a scale up business interacts with the media is key to that.

From providing reassurance to the investor base to driving more sales or supporting a fundraising, securing positive media coverage adds business value. However, competition for such coverage has never been more intense. There are now thousands of companies vying from the same journalists’ attention.

That is why scale up companies need to think deeply about how they interact with the media. Here’s Sapience’s four key tips:

1. Be bold. You are scale up, growth is doubling every year, there was a need in the market and you filled that void. Make sure you tell that compelling narrative. Capitalise on your USP and/or founders story to stand out from the crowd.

2. Think bigger picture, not just about yourself. Right now, you are a hot company. However, the world doesn’t revolve just around you. Its not only about how great your company is, but what this means to your clients and investors. Telling their stories (and how you have helped them) is vital.

3. How do I compare? It is important to track your peers. In an extremely competitive media environment, you need to anticipate journalists asking how you are better than Brand X – and have an answer ready.

4. Consistency is a must. Scale up businesses need to develop a narrative and a tone that fits with their brand and is consistent across all channels. Sit down with your PR agency and develop the key messages that can be weaved into all communications. And these shouldn’t be too long or made up of business speak, but straight to the point and understandable to non-experts.

How Sapience Communications can help

At Sapience, we have a wealth of experience and strong track record of supporting scale up businesses. Given the competition in the media space, achieving sector-specific prominence (for example in the relevant trade press and amongst industry influencers and decision makers) is vital.

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