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In this week’s edition, we share some guidance for sustainable start-ups seeking investment, discuss society’s move to being cashless and review new insights into digital healthcare from leading researchers. We also look at Amazon’s hero complex and reveal the optimal way to make a cup of tea.

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Improving the value of sustainable start-ups via corporate venture capital

The climate crisis and rising inequality has forced the global economy to transform itself, unearthing sustainable start-ups that offer economic, social and environmental value. However, heavy investment is just vital for these companies as good intentions. In an already complex business environment, finding the right investors is challenging. Not only is there stiff competition to secure investment, but some investors are also hesitant to invest in new innovations and enter unchartered territory that often requires a capital-intensive development stage. So, how can these sustainable start-ups secure the funding they need? It seems that corporate venture capital holds the key, aiding the credibility of an investment to secure further growth.

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The Impact of The Cashless Society of Backend Systems - Alchemetrics

One step close to a “cashless society”

For quite a while now we have been talking about becoming a “cashless society”. Obviously, such a change takes time. However, one interesting outcome of the pandemic has been the expedited adoption of contactless payments. The quickly changing nature of how we exchange money has also prompted heavy investment in payments start-ups and FinTechs including, which recently tripled its valuation at the end of its Series B funding round, and start-up Transferwise which had its valuation jump from $3.5bn to $5bn in just one year. Perhaps going cashless will happen faster than we initially thought.

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Amazon returns: How to return items for free on Amazon - Business ...

Amazon…the hero everyone needs?

Analysts were already predicting that Amazon would emerge from the pandemic stronger than it went into it. And as Amazon’s staff are considered essential workers, the company has been admired for keeping housebound citizens healthy, fed and watered – even being likened to the Red Cross. But how does the company achieve this? With strict safety policies, an intricate supply chain and logistics network…and of course a lot of space: the company currently has 277 million sq ft of floor space for logistics, expecting to add a further 60 million over the next 18 months.

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Transforming healthcare delivery with technology ...

Health just got more personal

In the latest HealthTech news, Harvard and University of Michigan have suggested an AI framework that would deliver lifestyle recommendations via smartphone. The system, dubbed IntelligentPooling aims to use data to optimise how and when an app should prompt healthy lifestyle choices – considering factors such as decision-making time, the weather and personal preferences. As with all AI, the more the product is used means the more personalised it can become as the system constantly gains new information.

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A nice cuppa

Milk before or after the hot water? Brew in a teapot or in the cup? How we make our tea has long been subject to debate. However, it turns out we are all wrong. According to Chinese scientists, microwaving tea in a special metal contraption makes for the optimal outcome. We think we’ll stick with simply popping the kettle on…

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