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In this edition, we cover the digitisation of government, AIM fundraising during lockdown and a new energy innovation (from 1893). We also look at the changing attitudes to air travel and invite you to a discussion about the future of SME credit investments.

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Covid-19 is spurring the digitisation of government

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has changed the way many sectors operate. But one (perhaps unexpected) area that is digitising like never before is government and public administration.  Thanks to social distancing, the form filling required in everything from getting married to going to see the doctor has had to be moved online. And whilst such migrations have not been without their hiccups, the pandemic has undoubtedly drawn attention to more efficient ways of operating – though also raised privacy concerns…

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Sam Smith

Equity Market Boom in Covid’s Wake

Among those businesses which have recorded success during the pandemic is Sapience client and London’s biggest small-cap broker, finnCap. According to the company’s CEO Sam Smith, life sciences and technology experienced a “mini boom”, resulting in a record second quarter for the firm. In this recent interview with Bloomberg, Sam talks about the current climate for IPOs, the return to the office and the importance of having female role models in management and leadership positions.

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No strings attached

Whilst the idea of wireless power transmission has been around since Nikola Tesla first announced it as a possibility in 1893, little has been done to make it reality. However, that might all be about to change thanks to New Zealand start-up, EMROD. The firm has developed the world’s first long-range, high-power, wireless energy transmission alternative to the traditional copper wire method, by using antenna for sending and receiving electromagnetic waves (see image above). Now, working with an energy provider, the company is hoping to have its second prototype ready in October. The attraction? Lower operating and environmental costs, and the potential to transmit renewable energy long distances from where it is generated to where it is needed – without having to lay down cables thousands of kilometres long.

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Changing travels

Global air travel has changed dramatically since the pandemic – and, some would argue, for the better. Planes are cleaner, airports less crowded and the aviation industry’s carbon footprint has fallen by a third. And whilst it is difficult to say whether this change is a long-term trend, it is possible that we may well never again view flying in quite the same way we once did – more of a special adventure than a regular occurrence.

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Financing a Growing Business: Options and Advice Spin Sucks

And finally…SME credit investments in the post-Covid world

On 17th September, corporate finance and Investments firm (and Sapience client) LGB&Co will be hosting a webinar on how investors are viewing the market and assessing SME risk and resilience over the next 6 months and beyond. Featuring an expert panel, the webinar will discuss opportunities in direct investments, return expectations and the art of managing risk in the post-Covid world.

You can find out more information and register here:


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