Peldon Rose survey reveals employers are missing an opportunity by failing to offer staff summer perks

A recent survey by workplace consultants and office design specialists, Peldon Rose, of over 600 office workers, has revealed that businesses are failing to provide the seasonal perks that can help employee productivity and motivation during the summer months. The survey also reveals that workers are increasingly feeling less trusted and appreciated by their companies, up from Peldon Rose’s winter survey launched last year.

During the summer months, businesses can risk staff motivation slowing, as employees are distracted by seasonal summer events and count down the days until their next holiday. Offering summer perks can help boost morale and wellbeing. Of the companies that did offer such benefits, summer hours (47%), casual dress (37%) and ice cream rounds (31%) were the most popular, indicating that these benefits are the most highly valued by workers and help to boost motivation and productivity. However, 86% of respondents said that their company does not offer any such perks, meaning that businesses are missing a significant, inexpensive opportunity to make employees feel appreciated and boost happiness and morale in the summer.

It was clear from the survey results that workers are placing an increasingly high value in being trusted and appreciated by their company – two of the most important factors for delivering a happy office. Simple gestures, such as summer perks and home comforts in the workplace go a long way to demonstrating trust and appreciation, allowing workers flexibility and recognition, which are key to boosting motivation in the summer months. With friendships with colleagues remaining a vital ingredient for workplace happiness, businesses should also consider further opportunities for workplace collaboration and bonding – a critical element of a happy office.

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