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Top 3 PR Tips For Your Technology Business 

In recent years, public relations has evolved from just being a sales strategy and has become the backbone of a business. A successful PR campaign can have a positive and long-lasting impact on your brand’s reputation and public image, so it is important to ensure you are doing things correctly. It is more than just a press release on a new product, as you will want to be reaching new heights with national and positive media attention. 

As a specialist technology PR firm, the team at Sapience Communications have put together some tips to help you craft the direction of where you want your high tech business to go. 

  1. Set a goal 

Although this may seem very obvious, it is difficult to measure how your PR campaign was successful (or not) without having a primary goal in mind. Before even starting to plan the basics, what do you hope to achieve with your campaign? For example, do you want to reach a new audience or boost sales on a specific product/service? 

By establishing this specific goal, you will be able to narrow down exactly how you are going to achieve success – taking into consideration factors such as your budget, timescale and success measurables. By having this campaign roadmap clear from the offset, you will be giving yourself and your team a focused metric to measure your success.

  1. Solidify your key messages 

When formulating the key messages you would like to come across, it would be wise to establish the audience you are looking to entice. Before you can choose how you want to deliver your PR message, you must decide who you want to receive it. 

Once this target audience has been established, you need to clearly communicate your key messages as this will be the foundation of any PR campaign. Early on, decide what are the most important things you want your target audience to know about your product or service. These need to emphasise your technology’s core strengths and uniqueness, whilst remaining consistent with your overall brand story. 

  1. Stay organised 

No matter what type of PR campaign you are developing, it is always important to stay organised and reliable. If you have a specific list of key media contacts, keep this organised and log them in order of priority, becoming familiar with the work of the journalist you are trying to make a connection with. You always want to be in the best position possible, allowing your technology business to be noticed, catching the attention of the journalists you are looking to reach. Stay up-to-date, building long-term relationships with the people who may be willing to write about your company, specifically journalists who most often write about topics related to the technology industry. 

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