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PR (public relations) is incredibly important to all companies no matter what industry you are in and it is beneficial for everyone to understand at least the basics of PR. To help anyone that is looking into PR and trying to get their head around what it is, why it is important and how it can benefit a company, Sapience Communications have put together an easy to understand complete guide to PR. 


What is PR?


To put it simply, public relations, or ‘PR’, is all about the way companies communicate with the public. Lots of companies put a PR strategy in place to try to influence the media to represent their company in a good light. When used correctly and effectively, PR can protect, enhance and build a company’s reputation/public image through the media, social media and/or self-produced communications. 


Are PR and marketing the same thing?


Although the two are frequently used together they aren’t the same. Lots of people confuse PR and marketing and one clear way to distinguish between the two, marketing is paid media whereas public relations is earned media. Public relations also focuses on building and maintaining relationships between a company and the public whereas, marketing brings a product or service to the public’s attention.


Usually, what is said off the back of your PR has more credibility than what is said during a marketing campaign due to the fact it was independently verified by a trusted third party, rather than purchased. Having said that, you should try to integrate PR with your ongoing marketing, it can be incredibly effective and it is quite easy to do so.


Why is PR important?


In order for your company to succeed, you will need to earn a profit and in simple terms, having good PR will bring in new customers/clients who will increase your revenue. PR is all about relationships, creating them, building them and maintaining them. So, you can use PR to connect with potential customers/clients, convert them into customers/clients and then ensure that they continue to use your company over your competitors. 


An effective PR strategy will provide you with more opportunities to connect with the public and create the right messages to resonate with your target audience. By doing so, you will turn a higher percentage of the public into customers/clients and, in the end, this means bigger profits. 


How can PR benefit a company?


There are so many individual benefits of PR. From increased brand credibility to enhanced online presence PR has numerous ways that it positively impacts a company and these individual desirable benefits are often some of the main reasons why people invest in PR in the first place. 


All in all, a well-planned, well-managed, targeted public relations strategy can help your business to successfully grow. PR is one of the most credible, cost-effective, effective and useful tools that your company can invest in and it is always recommended that companies do so. 

Working alongside a PR agency 


There is no denying that learning more about PR opens your eyes to why you should take some time to look into your own PR strategies. It isn’t uncommon for companies to require assistance when it comes to handling their PR and thankfully, there are multiple tech public relations agencies that will be able to assist you. 


Sapience Communications is a tech PR agency in London that has been helping a range of clients with their public relations for many years now. The Sapience Communications team has strong relationships across all forms of media including; online, print and social making us one of the top tech PR agencies locally. We are the perfect people to work alongside to ensure that your PR is effective and beneficial for your company.