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5 Reasons Why Media Training Is Important 

When running a technology business, it is important to take into consideration the different ways you can improve your overall presence. If you are looking to obtain more media coverage, it is almost essential that you are seen and heard in the media on a regular basis, but it is important that executives or business owners are trained on media which is used for advertising. The entire industry changes very quickly, so it can be difficult keeping up-to-date – which is why organisations often opt to carry out media training. 

  • Ability to clearly define your key messages

When talking to the press and media relations it can be difficult for a complete novice to know exactly how to convey certain messages. However, by undertaking the correct media training, it can teach you how to use your words, tone, and body language to deliver your message in an effective fashion. It helps to bring messages to life and increase the confidence of the individual. 

For example, here at Sapience Communications, with our media training, we will teach the attendees on how to focus on their one message, ensuring it is memorable and truly resonates with the audience.

  • Maintain your reputation

There are rules to learn and skills to practice when talking to the press, so it is important that you are providing clear, concise and effective communication. With media training, this will help to ensure you are thoroughly briefed on the brand you are representing. Your objective is to use this exposure as a way to subtly convey the benefits of your business to your target audience, maintaining an excellent reputation. 

  • Helps you pick the right media for your business

With your technology business, it is important to understand exactly what type of media you would like to target. By establishing what media is right for you, this highlights exactly where your money is going, helping you decide how best to spend your money in future campaigns. There are many different forms of media and advertising you could choose from, whether this is visual or audio-only, in-person or down the line, an in-depth interview or a shorter soundbite – there is a plethora of channels to go down. 

With media training from Sapience Communications, we will ensure you have a clear idea of what path you would like to take, allowing you to communicate messages with clarity, authority and passion.

  • Develop your interview skills 

Many people are initially terrified by interviews, especially live radio or television, but with the correct media training, you will be able to develop your interview skills and gain confidence. You can learn how to use your words, tone, and body language effectively, allowing you to utilise one of the most powerful forms of marketing and PR for your technology business. Media training can guide you on how to sustain your composure throughout the interview and formulate the outcome you desire.

  • Effective preparation 

With no matter what you are conducting, preparation is always key in business – especially when communicating with the media. During live interviews, journalists can ask you questions that are difficult to answer or put you on the spot. However, media training is an excellent form of preparation as it can help you anticipate challenging questions, empowering you to deal with any unexpected twists or turns that may occur. 

About Sapience Communications

As a dedicated technology PR firm, we have the capability to deliver business success for our clients – especially with our media training. We help businesses to define their key messages with their target audience, understanding requirements and preparing them effectively – no matter what the format is. 

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